International Union of Youth and CULS


Getting an education is one of the most important milestones in a person’s life. The career success of a graduate largely depends on the quality of education. That is why the choice of the school is so essential. The International Union of Youth offers the opportunity to get a high-quality education in the center of Europe, at one of the most prestigious public universities in the Czech Republic – the Czech University of Life Sciences

The Czech University of Life Sciences (CULS) ranks among the leading state universities and offers its students a high level approach to education. The university currently has approximately 27,000 students, which puts it in 8th place among 25 Czech state universities and in 3rd place among 8 Prague universities.

In 2016, the Czech Agrarian University (ČZU) celebrated its centenary. It’s long-term traditions of teaching, scientific research activities and extensive foreign relations allow the implementation of high level academic activities. Offered are bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral studies, as well as the attribution of title of associate professor and professor.

Faculty of Economics CULS

The Faculty of Economics CULS is the largest in the Czech Republic. It’s main focus is the performance of leading economic and entrepreneurial functions in enterprises and organizations. Currently, the university carries out international cooperation’s with different world-famous universities. The university’s students are actively involved in exchange programs and internships abroad. Most of the ministers of the modern Czech government graduated from this particular university.

The campus deserves special attention. CULS applicants have the opportunity to taste student life in the United States, since the complex of the university facilities is organized following the example of the classic American campus. The university campus provides everything for a happy and fulfilling life: canteens, sports facilities and playgrounds, restaurants, cafés, a park and even its own bus. Students will remember their years on campus as the happiest years of their lives!

The level of education in CULS meets all European educational standards. Professors and educators are always following modern teaching practices, participating in conferences and developing their own methods.

The CULS University has developed several educational programs especially for MSM students – you can choose one of them according to your needs, it can be a one-year or 6-month study of Czech or English. Classes are held in small groups, taught by the university’s professors.

Language courses are intended for further successful admission not only to the Czech Agrarian University in Prague, but also for admission to any other public and private educational institution in the Czech Republic, for any specialty.

In addition to annual and semi-annual preparatory programs, boasting many years of positive experience of cooperation with this university, the International Union of Youth has developed a unique program: the “Double Diploma”, which allows you to obtain two diplomas from two different countries in just three years (Czech Republic + Switzerland, Britain, Germany, USA or Canada).


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