Immersion in Czech Culture: Tips for Beginners

The Czech Republic is an amazing country, rich in history, beautiful nature, and a deep cultural heritage. If you’ve decided to immerse yourself in Czech culture, you are in for an exciting adventure. In this blog, we will explore some tips for those who are just beginning their journey into Czech life.

Professions of the future

“If you don’t know what NFT is, you will be out of a job in the near future!” Have you seen such threatening messages on the Internet? We do not believe in such categorical threats, but we agree with the general idea: it is not only possible, but ne

Unusual specialties in the Czech Republic

Sometimes it may seem that some students choose rather unusual specialties for study, instead of the usual promising and popular ones, which are constantly heard. Having philosophized and analyzed this topic in more detail, you will understand that such a choice is due to great interest in the future profession.

Business education in the Czech Republic

Every successful businessman will tell you that if he had a specialized education, he would avoid a huge number of mistakes, save a lot of money and achieve much more, or at least in a shorter time.

The Czech Republic has the lowest unemployment rate in Europe

The Czech Republic is a country with a stable economy, a high standard of living and the lowest unemployment rate in Europe. This means that the vast majority of students, even those who came to the Czech Republic from other countries, find a job in their specialty already in their senior year of study and certainly do not remain without a job after receiving a diploma.

Dentistry in the Czech Republic (universities, exams, prospects)

The profession of a dentist is very honorable, as it is always relevant and in demand in society, and most importantly, it guarantees consistently high earnings and career development. And dentistry is one of the most popular specialties in the Czech Republic. Young applicants are attracted not only by the possibility of getting their own dental office in the near future, but also by the fact that they study for a dentist for five years instead of the usual six, as in the case of doctors. The advantages also include the fact that practical classes for dentists begin from the very first course, without the need to pass special certifications.

New Year in Prague

New Year’s Eve is the most important family holiday for us, but for the Czechs this function is successfully performed by Christmas. And here’s what the Czechs do on New Year’s Eve, we’ll tell you in today’s article.