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Today it is very important to be well-educated and highly professional in order to build a successful career. If you have experience studying abroad and have received degrees from several universities, you become more competitive when it comes to looking for a job. You have more advantages than your colleagues who do not have the same experience. But how old will you be when you begin your first job after spending so much time poring over books? Do not lose hope as there is a perfect solution to this problem – a Double Degree Program.

The Double Degree Program is a unique opportunity for students to simultaneously receive two accredited Bachelor’s degrees and a professional certificate in the field of their choice in only 3 years. It usually looks like this: students spend 2 years studying in one country (the Czech Republic), and then for their third year go to another country (Switzerland, USA, Canada, UK, or Germany). It gives them a chance to be fully immersed in the life of different countries: to make new friends and possibly future business contacts from all over the world, as well as deepen their knowledge of foreign languages.

Why choose a Double Degree Programs?

  • It is an opportunity to get 2 European Bachelor’s degrees + a professional certificate in a specific field.
  • You save time: it only takes you 3 years to get 2 degrees.
  • You expand your boundaries of communication and networking opportunities: studying in an international environment of European cities, and communicating with people from 150 different countries.
  • With European, American, and Canadian diplomas you receive an opportunity to continue your education in any country in the world.
  • With these diplomas, you will be extremely competitive in the labor market.
  • By studying in the Schengen area you can travel all over Europe and see what each country has to offer.

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