Summer internship in the field of tourism

A unique summer program in the Czech Republic in the hotel business sector, which involves training at the Association of Hotel Business of the Czech Republic, practical experience in the best hotels in the Czech Republic (3-4-5 stars), and improving your English language skills.

Internship in the field of tourism + English language.
1 month01.07 – 30.07
01.08 – 30.08
3 weeks01.07 – 21.07, 09.07 – 30.07
01.08 – 21.08, 09.08 – 30.08
2 weeks01.07 – 15.07, 15.07 – 30.07
01.08 – 15.08, 15.08 – 30.08
Lectures + English language1 month– 85 hours
3 weeks– 60 hours
2 weeks– 40 hours
Welcome in Prague, transfer+
2 meals a day+
Czech SIM card+
MSM branded uniform+
Cultural program+
Curatorial support+

As part of its educational programs, The International Union of Youth offers a unique program: “Internship Abroad,” which takes place in the capital of the Czech Republic, the city of Prague. MSM operates under the patronage of the embassies of  Ukraine, and Kazakhstan in the Czech Republic and provides an invaluable opportunity for graduates of educational institutions, employers, and professionals from various fields to undergo internship courses in various specialties.

Today, Prague is a modern center of knowledge in Europe. The offices of many international companies, organizations, and higher educational institutions make the city of “A Hundred Spires” attractive for both tourists and students who want to pursue higher education in the Czech Republic and gain international internship experience. Numerous international companies such as IBA, Microsoft, and others have their offices and branches in the Czech Republic because it is located in the heart of Europe and represents a developed market from an economic perspective. Therefore, students and professionals who want to undergo internships abroad have an excellent opportunity to do so in the Czech Republic (Prague) in an international company to gain invaluable experience for career and personal growth.

Anyone wishing to undergo an internship in the Czech Republic will:

  • Improve their language skills.
  • Get acquainted with the culture and heritage of the country.
  • Gain international experience through an internship abroad.
  • Familiarize themselves with entirely new approaches and processes in their professional field.
  • Build professional networks in the business circles of another country.
  • Acquire priceless experience for career growth.

The “Internship Abroad” program offers an individual approach to choosing an organization for practical training and internships.

Education and training events can be conducted in English language.

The main state universities offering internships are as follows:

  • Charles University in Prague (Univerzita Karlova v Praze) – considered one of the oldest universities in Central Europe, it is a member of the Association of European General Education Institutions. Founded in 1348 by the King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV, the university offers education in various fields across its 17 faculties. Over 50,000 students annually graduate with degrees in fields such as medicine, law, humanities, and more. The university hosts lectures by renowned teachers from around the world, including Nobel laureates.


  • Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague (Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze) – a modern institution that produces highly qualified specialists in the fields of economics and management of agriculture and forestry. With a history spanning over 100 years, it is one of the fastest-growing and stable universities in the Czech Republic. The university offers a wide range of educational programs, including 34 bachelor’s programs, 49 master’s programs, and less than 20 doctoral programs. The institution places special emphasis on agriculture and the activities of international organizations within the European Union. Students have the opportunity to attend open lectures delivered by deputies, ministers, foreign diplomats, and the President of the Czech Republic.


  • Czech Technical University in Prague (České Vysoké Učení Technické v Praze) – one of the most popular and sought-after universities in Prague. Throughout its existence, the university has produced specialists in fields such as nuclear physics, construction and architecture, programming and computer technology, mechanical engineering, and mechanization. In addition to developing core subjects, significant efforts are devoted to pedagogy and research. The university collaborates on many projects with world-renowned companies in the engineering sector. Successful partnerships with the Czech automotive conglomerate Skoda and the German global leader in the production of the VW brand ensure the university’s prestige and significance in the development of not only economic but also scientific relationships. Graduates of the university successfully apply their knowledge in globally recognized companies such as Google and Hewlett-Packard (HP).

Our specialists will provide a comprehensive solution that will enable you to participate in training, seminars, or educational programs, with the possibility of subsequent visits or internships at relevant companies or institutions.

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