Advantage of MSM

A wide range of educational programs abroad

The International Union of Youth (MSM) is the only Czech educational company offering so varied, high-quality educational programs abroad to meet any wishes and opportunities (holiday programs, summer language courses, sports programs, higher and secondary education, double degrees programs, professional internships).

We offer educational programs in the Czech Republic, Germany, Great Britain, France, USA, Canada, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Malta, Malaysia, Ireland and many other countries.

Reliability and safety of living abroad

Over the years of dedicated work, MSM has a large number of patronages, which include:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ukraine and CIS countries)
  • Embassy of Ukraine
  • Embassy of Russia
  • Embassy of Kazakhstan
  • Ministry of Youth and Sport of Ukraine
  • Department of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Kyiv
  • AMIC Television Company
  • Federation of Czech Societies
  • Football Federation of Prague
  • Federation of Football of Kiev
  • Federation of Football of Moscow
  • British Council in Prague
  • The leading and oldest universities in the Czech Republic – The Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague (CZU) and The Czech Technical
  • University in Prague (CVUT)

MSM is a member of the Association of Hotels and Restaurants of the Czech Republic, an organization that controls the quality of reception of foreigners in the Czech Republic.

MSM organizes the largest events and events in Prague each year, such as: “KVN – Cup of Prague” with the participation of the stars of the Highest League KVN and A.A. Maslyakova in the Hall of Congress; International Student Ball and educational exhibition in the palace of Jofin; Slavic Evening in the palace of Jofin.

MSM is the only Czech company that is a regular participant in international exhibitions and forums such as ICEF, which ensures that the company meets all international standards and the most up-to-date educational programs abroad.

Unique opportunities for foreign students.

Thanks to the partnership of MSM with the largest companies in the Czech Republic, we offer our students unique bonuses such as:

Unlimited subscription to the leading network of fitness clubs in Prague for all participants of any annual program; The partnership with Nike and Yoma companies is an opportunity to provide students with a beautiful and convenient form of sports for all summer programs.

Working with Vodafone guarantees the cheapest local and international calls for our students.

According to the Slavia insurance company, the International Union of Youth has long been one of the most qualified and responsible partners in the Slavia – Student program, which determines the speed of the decision of the medical case with both the doctors and the insurance company itself.

National mix and international environmentforeigners in the Czech Republic.

Students come to our programs not only from the CIS countries, but also from Brazil, Mexico, the USA, Macedonia, Ireland, France, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and many others! When choosing MSM programs, you will find friends in the heart of Europe from different corners of our Planet! Every year we accept more than 2000 students!

Maximum immersion in European linguistic space.

Our annual and semester programs take place on the campuses of the leading state universities of Prague – The Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague (CULS) and The Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU). The whole teaching staff is university professors. Our students from the first days of their stay in Prague, in addition to access to all university departments, such as libraries, science and sports centers, have the opportunity to participate in various forums, exhibitions, presentations, international university programs. All MSM students studying in programs live in Czech dormitories along with Czech students, which provides additional language practice and integration into the Czech student environment.

All short-term lecturers are language carriers, foreign language teaching specialists with appropriate diplomas and certificates, and integrate students into all educational programs abroad.

Convenience and efficiency.

The presence of its MSM affiliates in Kiev, St. Petersburg and Moscow, more than 2500 representatives from all over the world, MSM sites in different languages ​​make MSM work with students and their parents convenient, reliable and operational!

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