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The International Union of Youth provides complex information, counseling and preparatory assistance to young people interested in education in the Czech Republic and other countries of the world. Today, we are successfully working in these areas and offer a large selection of educational programs.

Regardless of the country of study, our company always tries to understand the client and answer all the questions related to staying in the chosen country, entering the desired educational establishments abroad and to provide him the best interesting educational programs.

Health & insurance

Learn more about how to get insurance in a foreign country and what health issues you may expect in the new environment.


Learn more about the Schengen visa application process, what documents you will require and when is the right time to apply if you drem about education in the Czech Republic.


More information and gallery of the accommodation options available to MSM students.


Find out more about different international trips available for our students, such as: Berlin, Munich, Dresden and Vienna.

Diploma Recognition

Read some useful information on how to validate your secondary school diploma.

Guaranteed Entry

Learn everything you need to guarantee yourself entry into the Czech higher education institution.

Language Examination Criteria

Everything you need to know about language exams: how to determine the level of foreign language, what you need to prepare, and what the course is about.

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