About Us

The International Union of Youth (Mezinárodní Svaz Mládeže z.s.) is the organization that brings together students and young people from all over the world.

We have been operating in the Czech Republic since 2007.

During these years we have created a variety of educational, cultural and entertaining programs for our students, and developed close partnership with a variety of universities in Prague. The International Union of Youth believes that education abroad and student exchange enhance the educational mission of many universities in the Czech Republic. Specifically, the International Union of Youth works with students, international faculties and university departments to create, manage and promote study programs abroad.

The International Union of Youth offers a complete range of services for students who would like to study abroad and consults them on academic, cultural and financial issues. In a similar way, the IUY advisers welcome newly arrived international students and give them guidance about campus life. IUY also facilitates international agreements and programs and acts as a connecting link between universities and future students.

Our Mission

The International Union of Youth’s project Education in Prague provides essential information, consultations and preparatory assistance for young people who would like to learn more about the education system in the Czech Republic and plan to study in its prestigious state and private universities.

In addition to providing the highest academic standards, IUY is also aimed to give students accurate account about the Central Europe culture. Since the moment of its creation, IUY has succeeded in this mission.

Our Priorities

Best offers

To offer the most efficient preparations for the most reasonable prices


To provide complete accomodation services


To provide complete information services


To help with employment


To guarantee constant contact with the students

Education with The International Union of Youth

The International Union of Youth had started out as an event company. We grew and in 2007 have established the main direction of our work – education of students around the world. Today we work with over 2 000 students every year and offer wide range of educational programs in the Czech Republic.

The International Union of Youth has branches in the Ukraine and Kazakhstan which work with many partners throughout the country, while our main office is located in Prague, Czech Republic. We provide counseling services, educational assistance, visa support, immigration advice, accommodation, insurance, transfer from the airport, organize cultural programs, entertainment and traveling.

We have short summer programs which are aimed at getting students familiar with the Czech language, visiting main sightseeing sites and getting to know Czech culture. What is more, we offer long-term programs for half a year and full academic year, the main goal of which is to learn the Czech language and pass entrance exams to universities. We cooperate with a variety of institutions in Prague that offer foundation programs and full degree programs in both English and Czech.

The International Union of Youth also organizes unique sport programs (football, tennis, fitness, dance and martial arts camps). These programs combine trainings and language courses. Our football summer camp is focused on giving basic language knowledge and football trainings on the fields of the best football club in the Czech Republic – the Prague Sparta (http://www.sparta.cz ), a regular participant of the Champions League, Europe League, Football Association of the Czech Republic (www.cmfs.cz) and NIKE.

Every year since 2006 we organize KVN (Comedy Club) in Prague with participation of the best teams led by Aleksandr Maslyakov, TV host. We are responsible for arranging Slav Evening which brings together all the Slav nations of Prague. Additionally, on request, we organize International Student Balls, as well as balls for specific universities. Furthermore, we initiate a variety of festivals which estimate more than 20 000 participants.

Programs Offered:

  • Summer language camps
  • Summer sport camps
  • Three month language courses
  • Half year language courses
  • Full-year language course
  • Examination Preparation Courses (IELTS, TOEFL, etc)
  • Foundation programs
  • Exchange programs
  • High school education
  • Bachelor degrees
  • Master degree

Promotional Activities

Every year the International Union of Youth participates in educational fairs which have proven to be useful not only for our organization but for our partners as well. Our experience in participating in these exhibitions has been very productive and has effectively helped us reach our target audience.

These fairs help to attract new customers and catch the attention of our prospective students. During these exhibitions pupils get a chance to get acquainted with schools and the programs that they offer.

The main aim of these fairs is to promote colleges, universities and schools that we work with, to attract new clients and to gain new partnerships with other organizations.

As mentioned above, the International Union of Youth has branches in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and a large number of partners each of these countries; so every time any of our partners or companies participate in any kind of fair or exhibition, they represent our company, as well as the programs we offer.

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