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The financial side of life in Europe

Many people are sure that living costs in the Czech Republic are much more expensive than living in their countries, but this is a myth. Let’s look closer to the student life in the Czech Republic.
First, there is a system of student benefits, which you may use if you have a study confirmation or an ISIC card. The ISIC system operates in more than 100 countries, the card provides discounts and travel bonuses, discount for the trips to the museum and cinema, discount for transport in and out of the Czech Republic.

The cost of a travel ticket in Prague for those who is over 26 years old is 550 CZK per mounth (22 EUR), for students with ISIC card or study confirmation 130 CZK (5 EUR).
With this travel ticket you can ride on all types of transport an unlimited number of times during the month. Students also have discounts up to 50%  for the international directions.

Living costs in the Czech Republic for student accommodation in a dormitory is 350 EUR.
The cost of renting a one-room apartment in the center is 14.000 CZK (560 EUR), in the countryside – 11.000 (440) per one-bedroom apartment. You also may rent a large apartment with friends, then the average price of the room will be 7000-8000 CZK (280-320 EUR).

Amount fo money you will spend on food vary from 4,000-8,000 CZK a month. The most affordable option is to buy the products  and cook at home (150-200 EUR).
If you have an ISIC, you can eat at Menza (student dining room) twice a day, with an average lunch / dinner fee of 2-3 EUR.
The average bill for lunch in a cafe / restaurant is 200 CZK (8 EUR), a luxury option for those who are willing to spend more than 7,000 CZK per month (280 EUR).

Cultural and sport life
Cultural life in the Czech Republic is accessible to almost every inhabitant of the country. For students, there are profitable offers in the presence of ISIC cards. So a ticket to the cinema will cost you only 100-120 CZK (5-6 EUR) instead of 180-200 CZK, and a trip to the pool – 80 CZK (3.5 EUR). All museums of the country provide to the students a discount of 50% for the entrance. Intersting fact is that for students of creative universities the entrance is free of charge.  Fitness centres with lectures and equipment cost from 300-500 CZK per month (12-15 EUR).

Health care
Health care in the Czech Republic is free, with semi-annual / annual insurance. The cost of insurance is from 500-800 EUR. Plus you have the right to return your money through insurance (refund from 50% to 90% of the amount) if you have kept your check while buying a medicine.

Living costs in the Czech Republic for the students’ life are:

  • The budget option (dormitory, meals at home or in the dining room, travel, mobile communication, weekly cultural rest / gym) is 500 EUR.
  • The luxury oprion (room in a rented apartment, home and cafe food, travel, mobile communication, weekly cultural  rest / gym) is 700 EUR.
    And don’t forget that the studies at the state university are free of charge, plus the mandatory scholarship for each student’s stay up to 2000 CZK per quarter and the possibility of part-time job (up to 20 hours a week), with payments from 6,000 to 10,000 CZK per month. In order to join the selected university, the International Union of Youth has developed special foundation programs, which can be found here.

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