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Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, the poetic heart of Europe, a city surrounded by numerous myths and legends, attracting thousands of tourists from all corners of the world every year. However, in Prague, it’s not only about relaxing and making new acquaintances; it’s also about gaining new, valuable knowledge. That’s precisely why we offer you to spend your holidays in Prague, where you can immerse yourself in another country’s culture, visit many beautiful and interesting places, enhance your foreign language skills, and even acquire new sports abilities.

Summer Holidays with MSM

Summer is the time of warm sun, relaxation, and, of course, travel. It’s during the summer that we host a variety of educational programs, ranging from language camps to internships. Each year, over 2000 students from all over the world attend MSM’s summer camps. All our summer programs include accommodation, two meals a day, support from supervisors, and a rich cultural program. Classes take place at the MSM Academy language school and leading Czech universities. All our instructors are experienced educators and native speakers.

You can choose programs lasting for two, three weeks, or a month. For the full list of our programs, please click the link below.

Autumn Holidays with MSM

Nothing adorns Prague like the golden autumn. The city takes on its most romantic appearance, with the scent of Trdelník – cinnamon pastry, filling the streets, and the city slowly prepares for its Christmas magic. Who wouldn’t dream of immersing themselves in such a magical atmosphere? That’s why we’ve designed autumn holidays in Prague with English language learning.

All instructors in the program are native speakers and professional educators who conduct their classes informatively and interactively, incorporating elements of play. You can choose programs of different durations by clicking the button below.

Winter Holidays with MSM

However, the true fairy tale in Prague unfolds in winter. Europe is famous for its grand Christmas celebrations, with brightly lit streets, various Christmas markets with cozy wooden stalls, and the largest Christmas tree in the Czech Republic.

If you also dream of experiencing this fairy tale in person, we invite you to our winter holidays in Prague. Intensive English language classes and a rich cultural program, where you will even visit one of the largest water parks in Europe. Click the button below for more details.

Spring Holidays with MSM

It’s in spring that nature blooms anew, adorning the streets with green park spaces and the outdoor terraces of quaint restaurants. But it’s also in spring that we need a break the most, after the long winter days. We, more than anyone else, know how to make this break interesting, educational, and enjoyable.

Spring breaks in Prague with English language study are designed for quality language preparation, as well as an engaging and culturally enriching experience. Throughout the program, you will be assisted by MSM coordinators, and our managers will help with document preparation and visa processing. To learn more about the program, click the button below.

Sports Holidays with MSM

For physical fitness and boosting your spirits, we have designed special sports programs at MSM. They seamlessly combine foreign language lessons with sports training. You can choose from a variety of sports disciplines: soccer, tennis, dancing, martial arts, and fitness. These camps are ideal for both beginners in the sports world and experienced athletes.

Training is conducted by real professionals, and sessions take place at one of the largest sports centers in Europe, equipped with the most modern facilities over three floors. To select your program, click the button below.

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