Summer in Prague

If you have no idea how to spend your summer, we have a piece of advice for you. Instead of wasting time by playing computer games, watching TV and dreading the beginning of another school year, we offer you to combine productive leisure with learning a foreign language and a foreign culture. It’s a great opportunity to expand your perception of the world by communication with the locals and making new friends from all over the world. Besides, you friends back at home will be so jealous when they hear all the funny stories that you will bring back with you from the summer camp in Prague.

In addition to language lessons in the summer school in Prague, you will have a rich cultural program. Whether you are interested in the history of arts or active sports – we will find you a summer camp for your taste. Our team of professional counselors will make sure that your stay in the camp is safe, fun and unforgettable. There is another positive aspect in attending a summer camp in Prague. If you are already thinking about your higher education, you can check out what this country has to offer. You can find out everything you need about the universities, their programs and admissions process. It is also a chance to get acquainted with the city, culture and begin learning the language of your future studies.

Why to go to a summer camp in Prague?

  • Foreign summer camps are famous for organizing and providing high-quality pastime
  • It is a perfect combination of entertainment and active learning of a foreign language
  • All camps have a highly professional staff with many years of experience
  • It is a great opportunity to make new friends from around the world
  • You get a deeper understanding of life, culture and people of the foreign country.

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