Study in the Czech Republic!

The wonders of studying in Prague – Heart of Europe!

Study in the Czech Republic because it is the perfect place! It is usually described as one of the European jewels due to its beauty, charm and rich history. Every person who gets a chance to visit Prague, falls in love with it. Prague is the largest city and the capital of the Czech Republic with about 1.3 million citizens. Prague is a safe, affordable and international city. It is unique in terms how it combines historical sites with contemporary architecture and style. Old and new at the same time – it is a great place for young people!

Universities in the Czech Republic are famous for their long-standing reputation, unique conception and interesting specializations. The capital city, Prague, hosts some of the most renowned higher education institutes in Central and Eastern Europe which offer a wide range of degrees in: medicine, law, business, technology, life sciences, arts, theology, social studies and humanities. Your choice to study in Prague is something which will guarantee your future career success. The choice of education in Czech Republic is yours.

Czech Republic university diplomas are internationally recognized, and almost every company aims to have a European graduate employee. Various universities offer different programs to study in Czech Republic in both Czech and English language. On top of everything else, higher education in the Czech language is free of charge for international students.

The world is constantly changing, and so is the education. Europe can be proud of many universities and institutes where students from all over the world are free to choose any field they are interested in. European methods of study have high quality and are quite modern. Students with European education have many future prospects and perspective to build a successfull international career. One more advantage of education in Europe is that the students learn more new languages and can then operate in multicultural environments, thus becoming very attractive emplyee candidates for international companies.

To study in Prague, which has more than a thousand year history and culture is a truly rewarding experience at any age. It is a priceless chance to be able to get international education in Prague – the charming capital in the heart of europe. The “City of a Hundred Spires” is a source of endless inspiration for those who are intrigued by architecture and history.

Education in the Czech Republic puts you in the heart of Europe and gives you a great chance to discover many other European countries and places which you might not have had another opportunity to visit. Prague is a great place from which to travel to main European tourism destinations, as it lies in the heart of central Europe. Many students take an advantage of excellent rail network, hard competing low-cost airlines and incredibly cheap bus service which provide the opportunity to get to know such cities as Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, Kraków, and Vienna during the weekend. At the same time London, Madrid, Paris and Venice are only a short plane flight away!