International Union of Youth and CTU


For everybody who plans to study for a bachelor’s degree, or want to continue their studies in a master’s program, or get a second higher education in Czech universities for free in the Czech language (or study at an affordable price in English). The International Union of Youth suggest application for annual or semi-annual preparatory courses at state universities in the Czech Republic, such as CTU (Czech Technical Universities)!

State universities have a status of a guarantee for the embassies of the Czech Republic that the student is really going to study. As well as for the parents that the student will receive a quality education, combined with modern European teaching methods with the help of constant supervision of MSM coordinators.

In the Czech Republic, each state university values ​​its name, rating and its accreditation. State university degrees are recognized not only throughout the European Union, but also in the USA.

The most prestigious and one of the oldest Czech universities with higher technical education is the Czech Technical University in Prague,

CTU was founded in 1707. It is the oldest technical university in Central Europe and the oldest state technical university in the world. Many famous European scientists, including Christian Doppler, Vladimir Prelogues and others, are graduates of the university. Today more than 24,500 students study at eight faculties of the university. Training is conducted in 115 programs in 419 specialties. ČVUT students actively participate in international exchange programs. Each graduate of the master’s program spends at least 1 semester abroad. The university works closely with many companies, including Toyota, Skanska, Bosch, Siemens, Honeywell, GE, Rockwell, ABB Group, McKinsey, DaimlerChrysler, Skoda Auto, Ericsson, Vodafone.

The International Union of Youth recommends taking the MSM foundation course in collaboration with the Czech Technical University for admission to state universities in the Czech Republic.

All teachers of the preparatory courses are professors of CTU, which is very important! From many years of cooperation MSM can confidently say that CTU offers high-quality and effective education, without boring lectures and evenings loaded with homework.

The famous expression “train hard, fight easy” fully characterizes the process of preparation for entering the preparatory course. The CTU was given the right and accreditation by the Czech Ministry of Education to conduct state exams for foreigners in order to obtain permanent residence in the Czech Republic, as well as to improve the language level of foreign diplomats of the Czech Republic.


CTU also has the right to conduct examinations and issue state diplomas on the level of knowledge of the Czech or foreign languages. For example, if a student receives a certificate of knowledge of the Czech language at the B2 level from CTU, many public and private universities in the Czech Republic will take it as confirmation of language.

During the course students live in the university’s campuses , which are filled with students to only from the Czech Republic but from all over the world.

All parents are strongly advised to choose accommodation for their children towards the university’s campuses. That will be useful, both in terms of language practice, and in terms of student safety and control. In the university’s campuses of the Czech Republic, there are strict rules of student behavior, compliance with internal regulations, as well as maintaining order.


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