Medical Career in the Czech Republic

Medical Career in the Czech Republic

Program Description: This program is specially designed for those who aspire to build a successful medical career in the heart of Europe. With us, you will receive high-quality preparation for the approbation exam, have your diploma recognized (nostrificated), and learn the Czech language. Everything you need for a prestigious medical career in the Czech Republic!

Medical Career in the Czech Republic
Course Duration:15.09 – 31.08
Total Hours970 hours
Czech Language800 hours
English Language60 hours
Preparation at the Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education for the Approbation – a comprehensive intensive course+
B2-C1 Certificate+
Meeting in Prague, Transfer+
MSM Branded Uniform+
Czech SIM Card+
Cultural Program+
Curatorial Support+
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More and more people are considering European Union countries as a place to live and advance their careers. High living standards, decent salaries, good working conditions, a social package, the opportunity for personal development, and travel are just some of the many reasons for seeking employment in the EU. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that you don’t need to be an EU citizen to find a well-paying job. Many students opt for European education to integrate, learn the language, and settle in their chosen country. Medical education in leading Czech educational institutions, such as Charles University, is particularly popular. Medical education in the Czech Republic is a unique opportunity to obtain a European diploma absolutely free of charge.

But what if you’re already a professional in your field? You are a young doctor who cannot find a place for your ambitions and doesn’t want to waste time starting from scratch. There is a solution – the legalization of your medical diploma obtained outside the European Union. A medical career in the Czech Republic is your path to a successful future!

To achieve this, you will need diploma recognition (nostrification), the approbation exam conducted by the Czech Ministry of Health, and confirmation of practical experience. We have designed a program focused on learning the Czech language and preparing for the approbation exam. After completing this program, you will be well-equipped to successfully navigate all the stages and gain the opportunity to work in any healthcare institution within the European Union.

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Where does your medical career begin in the Czech Republic?

On the way to working as a doctor in the Czech Republic, you will have 3 stages:

  1. Nostrification, which means the recognition of your medical diploma issued outside the European Union.
  2. The approbation exam by the Czech Ministry of Health, administered to general practitioners, pharmacologists, or dentists. The exam consists of three parts: oral, written, and a practical component conducted under the supervision of medical professionals.
  3. Confirmation of practical experience.

After completing all stages, you have the opportunity to find a job in one of the medical institutions of the European Union.

Program: “Medical career in the Czech Republic”

The program includes:

  • Czech Language – 560 hours at one of the leading universities, Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU)
  • Czech Language – 240 hours at MSM Academy
  • English Language – 60 hours at MSM Academy
  • Preparation at the Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education for the approbation – a comprehensive intensive course

We provide the following services:

  • Assistance in preparing the necessary documents for obtaining a Czech visa for the academic year. We will provide you with confirmation of your study and residence in the Czech Republic.
  • Arrangement of medical insurance, which is paid separately. The cost varies depending on the terms of your insurance company.
  • Meet you upon arrival at any time of day at your point of arrival: airport, bus station, or train station in Prague.
  • Provide you with a Czech SIM card.
  • Organize your accommodation in the Czech Republic. The cost of accommodation is approximately 300 euros per month. You can choose your accommodation during your study course.
  • Assist with foreign citizen police registration. This registration takes place during the first 3 working days upon your arrival in Prague.
  • Organize an orientation program in the Czech Republic, including a guided tour of Prague accompanied by a representative from the International Youth Union (we will teach you how to navigate the city, show you all the best shops and shopping centers, tell you where to exchange currency, and more).
  • Assist with the nostrification procedure (recognition of documents for previously obtained education).
  • Help with the application for the approbation exam.
  • Provide ongoing consultations and support for educational matters.
  • Ensure fast access to medical care. We will also accompany you to the doctor’s appointment and translate all dialogues. You must have medical insurance for this.
  • During your education with MSM, all consultations and other informational support are provided free of charge.

Additionally paid:

  • Translation of documents
  • Examination fee

Any qualified professional in the field of general medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy can participate in the program.

Don’t miss your chance for a bright future. The “Medical Career in the Czech Republic” program will help you take the first step toward a successful career.

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