Medical Career in the Czech Republic


Being a good specialist, being dedicated, motivated and professional is vitally important in every field but especially for medical students, graduates and professionals. Working in this industry involves a high level of responsibility and constant development of the professional skills. To become a credible and well-respected person in the medical field you need to learn from the professionals. Because of this, significant amount of students all over the world are choosing to build their medical career in the Czech Republic.

First of all, Universities in the Czech Republic provide students with the high-quality education. Students are able to study for free in the Czech language or to have affordable tuitions and scholarships in the English language programs. But if the student already obtained a degree and would like to start his career in the territory of the EU he or she does not need to start his education from scratch. It would be enough to make a nostrification (approval) of the current diploma, that will make it equivalent to the diploma of the European Union.

MSM created an educational program that will give participants a deep knowledge of Czech language and also will provide a preparation for an approbation exam from the Ministry of Health in the Czech Republic. After program completion, the applicant will be able to successfully go through all the steps of his diploma legalization and get an opportunity to build his medical career in the Czech Republic or any other country in the European Union.

Study Plan:

Course Name Hours Attendance
Czech language  (on the basis of the Czech Technical University) 560 hours compulsory attendance
Czech language (in the Language Academy of MSM) 240 hours facultative course
English language (in the Language Academy of MSM) 60 hours compulsory attendance
Preparation at the Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education for approbation – a full-fledged intensive course + compulsory attendance

Services that we provide: 

  • We provide confirmation of the education and accommodation that are required for the successful visa obtainment.
  • MSM does student’s medical insurance registration (the price of the insurance is not included in the program’s price and needs to be paid separately).
  • We will meet the participant at any time and place of the arrival.
  • We will provide Czech sim-card.
  • We provide an accommodation during the program’s duration. (Accommodation expenses, about 330 euros per month, should be paid separately). Also, we provide assistance, if the student will decide to apply for the accommodation separately.
  • We will register a program’s participant in the foreign police within 3 days after arrival to the Czech Republic.
  • Orientation program in the Czech Republic will be provided and will include a sightseeing tour of Prague.
  • MSM will assist you in the procedure of the diploma recognition and application for the  approbation exam;
  • We will provide constant consultancy services and support.
  • Also, medical help will be provided in the shortest terms (we accompany applicant at the doctor’s office and translate the dialogues if necessary). Availability of the health insurance is compulsory.
  • Informational support is provided free of charge. Translation of the documents and examination fee (400 Euro) should be paid additionally.

If you are a qualified specialist in general medicine, dentistry or pharmacy you can become a part of this program. Do not miss your chance to build a successful career in Europe and obtain an unforgettable experience in Prague!

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