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Do you have passion for sports? Does it bring you happiness, joy and adrenalin? Do you want to improve your skills, but at the same time learn something new? Than our sport programs are perfect for you.

You will have a chance to play and train on the best European fields and sports grounds. Whether it’s a football field, a swimming pool or an ice-hockey rink – they are all equipped with modern technologies, and provide high-class services, because the leading athletes of the countries train there.

Another opportunity that you will have – is to meet young people from around the world. Together with them you will improve your sport skills and learn a foreign language. After a short period of time you will begin to communicate in English, Czech or German and overcome the language barrier if you had it. And if you are planning to enroll in one of the countries universities, the sports foundation course can give you a chance to make this plan come true. By spending quality time in a foreign country you become familiar with its culture and life of its people. You practically become part of it. You start to speak a foreign language fluently and therefore you will feel confident in examinations and interviews.

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