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The process of obtaining higher education in the Czech Republic is very individualized, and this is the main advantag, when you study in the Czech Republic.

The educational process in the Czech Republic is structured in such way that each student attends classes according to his personal schedule, which he creates the beginning of the semester, taking into account personal needs and timetable

Educational literature:
There is a lot of educational literature and it is very diverse. There is foreign and Czech, expensive and cheap, simple and complicated. Sometimes, in order to learn all the material, it is necessary to combine all these variants. Usually at the first lesson each teacher provides a list of textbooks and manuals necessary for studying the material, which makes the study  in the Czech Republic even more interesting. All of this can be found in the library or purchased. And you can buy it from hand – from other students who have passed this subject, and absolutely new – in the store.

For each subject, there are several terms for passing exams. Students themselves choose the most convenient for them exam dates in the computer system, which is available on-line through the Internet. Login to the system is based on the personal password that a student receives after joining the university. A student has the right to complete each exam 3 times, which makes examinations easier, as students are less nervous.

Classes in universities take place in the form of lectures and seminars. Some lectures are not compulsary, and the presence of practical classes should be more than 60% on average. A lecture is a classical form of study at the university. During the lectures the professor teaches material, students make notes during the lecture, and then (outside the lecture) they are working on the topic in addition. Closer to the second part of the semester, the student has the opportunity to take the presentation of lectures from professors.

Since studying abroad in a foreign language is not the easiest task, we offer future students a year or six year foundation course for Czech in the Czech Republic that will help you to learn Czech language and to adapt to a new country.

Detailed information on the types and structure of the training program can be found here.

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