MSM Team

MSM team

The strength of our company is in our employees. Today, the MSM team counts more than 100 highly skilled workers from different countries. Each of us is a professional in the field of education abroad, engaged in their favorite business and truly delighted to do what we do.

The International Union of Youth has its main office in Prague and 3 other branches in Ukraine. The MSM team is always happy to meet you, provide you with quality education advice, and help find the best educational program and country of study for you.

MSM always:

  • Provides the most effective and interesting educational programs abroad at a favorable price;
  • Offers complex service and information support to our clients;
  • Helps with accommodation;
  • Maintains constant contact with students and their parents;
  • Develops unique holidays educational programs abroad;
  • Offers educational programs in various summer camps;
  • Helps in selecting internship programs and gaining practical knowledge;
  • Ensures you a successful future.

The advantage of working with us is our many years of experience in implementing our own study programs abroad in Prague, Czech Republic. Annually we accept more than 2000 students. We know what is important in studying abroad both for students and their parents, as we are also providers of educational services. Thanks to this experience, which gives us insider knowledge of the internal processes of the educational industry, we know what to pay special attention to while selecting programs, educational institutions and accommodation. This sets us apart from other educational agencies who deal only with advisory services.

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