Winter Party: 12.12.2018

On December 12, students of the one-year educational programs of the International Union of Youth were in for a pleasant surprise – a winter party in Prague. The International Union of Youth is widely known not only for its quality education, but also for its interesting and diverse cultural program! This time, in the best tradition, the students were waiting for a bright and cheerful party, which will long remain in the memory of each of them!

Saxon Switzerland: 20.10.2018

On October 20, 2018, inspired by the warm autumn sun, the students of the one-year foundation courses of the International Union of Youth went on a new journey. This time, they went on an trip to Saxon Switzerland – a national nature park, which is located on the border of the Czech Republic and Germany, not far from Dresden.

A trip to Vienna: 13.10.2018

On October 13, 2018 students of one-year foundation programs of the International Union of Youth went on another exciting trip to Vienna. The wonderful location of Prague in the center of Europe makes it easy to travel around the most famous capitals, and this time the choice fell on Austria.

Nostrification of the Diploma

The process of nostrification is quite long. In order for your certificate to be accredited in the Czech Republic, it’s worthwhile to worry about it at home. Students should bring with them an extract of the clock for the last 3 years at school and the certificate itself with an attachment to it. Our managers inform the students about this in advance during their detailed consultation. Also, it is necessary to translate the documents into Czech and apply it to the Czech magistrate for the exam. After this the date will be assigned to students.

VŠE&CTU Open Days: 01/02.02.2018

Such activities are an important point in choosing the desired university. The children have the opportunity to directly ask all the questions to the speakers, to visit the university and for a moment to feel themselves as it’s student, in the audiences.

CTU Open Days: 25/26.01.2018

Students of MSM language courses visited the open days of the Czech Technical University, namely the Information Technology and Electrotechnical Faculties.

VŠE Open Days: 19.01.2018

19.01.2018 the Open Day at the VŠE (Vysoká Škola Ekonomická v Praze – VŠE) was held, which, of course, was attended by our students. The VŠE in Prague is the largest state university in the Czech Republic with economic direction and one of the most prestigious in all of Europe.

Aquapark in Prague: 10.01.2018

The size of the water park is so impressive that it was included in the list of the largest water parks in the Central Europe! The complex of the water park includes 3 palaces: the palace of relaxation, the palace of adventure and the palace of treasures.

Prague Castle Tour: 08.01.2018

Prague Castle is a fortress complex and a palace residence of all the rulers of the Czech Republic (from the princes of Bohemia to the incumbent president). Built in the 9th century, the city is located on the left bank of the Vltava River. An unforgettable view of the whole city opens from the Castle.