Zoo visit: 08.07.2019

zoo visit

“Students go wild!” or how we visited the Czech zoo

On July 8, MSM students of Summer MSM Programs visited the oldest Czech zoo, located in Troya, not far away from the center of Prague. At the zoo, which is opened since 1931, students had the opportunity to admire animals from all over the world, including the Salamandrium exhibition, Gorilla Pavilion, African Antelope and Giraffe Pasture, Chambal Pavilion, where the endangered crocodiles gavialі are located and much more wild animals.

It might be interesting for you: This zoo is the second most popular tourists‎’‎ place in Prague after Prague Castle. In 2015, Prague Zoo became the fourth most loved zoo in the world according to the famous TripAdvisor tourist portal. On it’‎s gigantic territory are situated 12 pavilions and more than 150 expositions.

One of the most interesting places in the zoo is the hill, where the rest of the animals are located.

This part of the zoo can be reached by foot or by the special cableway, which costs only 50 Czech crowns (approx. 2 euros). Those students who wished to visit the top of the hill enjoyed a wonderful city-view, which opens to visitors at the end of their short cableway journey.

By the way, wi-fi spots were available for students, so they could stay in touch with parents and friends at every step of their visit, as well as many places where they could relax and take a cup of coffee. There is a large number of food courts on the territory, where students had the opportunity to refresh. In total it took approximately 3 hours for each student group to investigate and to fall in love with the beautiful nature!

The team of the International Union of Youth sincerely hopes that all the coordinators’ efforts, spent on organizing a trip to the most famous Prague Zoo, were worth it  – we can see it from the big number of happy smiles we captured during the photo shoot. You can look at all of the photos in the photo album – do not forget to download it, so you can remember the trip to fabulous Prague with good and bright feelings:

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