Workshop “Education in Switzerland”, Almaty

Leading educational institutions of Switzerland

The workshop “Leading educational institutions of Switzerland” was held on October 24 in Almaty. A special guest arrived from the Kazakhstan capital – the director of the representative office of Swiss Education Group Seitkazin Dastan, as well as the speakers were the director of the Almaty branch Zharkimbekova Aizhan and regional manager Zhuman Aruzhan.

The program consisted of 4 parts. The first to the audience with a welcoming speech was Airzhan Zharkimbekova with a detailed description of the origin, main mission and popular programs of the International Union of Youth. It was a great opportunity to get acquainted with the activities and experience of MSM in the field of education.

The second part is the presentation and acquaintance of the audience with Seitkazin Dastan, who is the director of the Swiss Education Group representative office, as well as an expert in the topics of hospitality, establishing business partnerships in the field of education and developing projects in the field of tourism and hospitality. Dastan represented the interests of the alliance of elite universities of the Swiss Education Group, namely Cesar Ritz Colleges, Hotel Institute Montreux, Culinary Arts Academy, IHHTI Hotel & Design Management School, Swiss Hotel Management School in the region.

He spoke in detail about his personal experience of studying at Hotel Institute Montreux, the opportunities and career growth that one of the leading universities in Switzerland opened up to him. Dastan holds an MBA from Hotel Institute Montreux, Switzerland, specializing in Luxury Business Management & Marketing. During the presentation, students and parents watched a video review of Damir, a student from Kazakhstan, who shared his impressions of the picturesque nature of Switzerland and the knowledge gained, new acquaintances and prospects for the development of his future career, which appeared due to the right path. Dastan also spoke about the prospects for the development of the hospitality industry, hotel management in Kazakhstan and abroad. The history of the creation of an alliance of elite universities and the most popular specialties in the field of management and business organization in the field of Hospitality and Tourism were also mentioned.

The third part of the seminar was presented by the regional manager Zhuman Aruzhan and was devoted to the description of the Double Degree programs provided by the International Union of Youth, which consists of the Czech Republic (2 years) + USA / Canada / Switzerland in the field of Business Administration + Commercial Enterprise Management “,” Entrepreneurship, trade “,” Management in the hospitality industry and international business. ” The Double Degree program “Czech Republic + Switzerland” is held with the direct assistance of SEG. It is these programs that provide a unique opportunity to get two diplomas or two bachelor’s degrees in just 3 years of study, experience of living and paid internship in two countries, the possibility of employment in any country in the world. Study process is in English.

The final part of the seminar was devoted to discussing issues and methods for solving students’ goals, with a detailed description of opportunities, prices and features of living in a beautiful country and the cradle of hotel business. The seminar made a lasting impression and allowed many to see the stages that must be completed in order to realize their dream of becoming an expert and a genius in the field of hospitality!

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