Workshop “IT Education in the Czech Republic”, Almaty

IT Education in the Czech Republic

On November 14th, 2019, a popular topic “IT Education in the Czech Republic” was held at the office of the Almaty branch of MSM. Highschool students and their parents, as well as undergraduate students who are in search of alternative options for studying at the master degree, came to listen to a useful information.

Each of the seminar visitors had the opportunity to learn about the benefits of getting a higher education in the Czech Republic and the options for studying in the field of “Information Technologies”.

In the modern world, one of the most sought-after and highly paid employees is IT-specialists. It is no secret to anyone that with the development of modern technology, every country needs competent and qualified personnel in this industry. One of the speakers at the seminar “IT Education in the Czech Republic”, Aruzhan Zhuman, regional manager of the International Union of Youth in Almaty, spoke about the demand for personnel in this industry in the Czech Republic, and also demonstrated the employment opportunities of graduates of Czech universities in the country and abroad. Further, Aruzhan presented the leading higher educational institutions of Prague for studying in IT: Czech Technical University, Higher School of Economics, Czech University of Life Sciences.

In the next part of the seminar, the regional manager of MSM, Valeria Utyupina, spoke in detail about all the options for entering universities, spoke about the nuances of training and preparing documents for admission. The presentation of the MSM program an annual Czech language course with preparation for entering technical specialties interested a huge number of applicants and their parents.

Each of the guests of the seminar had a unique opportunity to learn all about entering Czech universities and ask MSM managers different questions.

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