Workshop “Higher education in the Czech Republic”, Almaty

Higher education in the Czech Republic

The workshop “Higher education in the Czech Republic”, was held on January 22, 2020 in the largest and greenest city in Kazakhstan — Almaty.

The workshop was opened by Aruzhan Zhuman, regional manager of MSM. The first open topic of the seminar was the question — why the Czech Republic is excellent for higher education. The speaker highlighted the main advantages of living in the Czech Republic: economic stability, low expenses in Europe, comfortable education for international students.

The manager also spoke about the professions in demand, average salaries and leading universities, after which students can successfully find jobs in any country in Europe. The speaker mentioned all the basic requirements necessary for admission to universities.

The International Union of Youth, in cooperation with CULS and CTU, state universities of Prague, has specially developed programs for preparing for admission to the humanitarian, technical, economic, medical and creative specialties. The entire list of holidays language and sports programs was also announced.

Then the floor was given to a special guest from the Czech Republic, Marketing Director of the International Union of Youth , Tetiana Holubovska. She spoke about her personal experience of studying at a university in the Czech Republic and living abroad. Tetiana also spoke about studying the Czech language, job opportunities and building a successful career in the Czech Republic.

Our team hopes that the seminar was as informative and useful as possible for the guests. We will be happy to answer any of your questions regarding studying abroad, for this, fill out the form below.

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