Where do Czechs like to go on weekends?

Permanent life in Prague has an accelerated pace and is full of events. Various interesting events are held here. This city has everything for a comfortable life and good rest and for a long time has been occupying the first lines in the ratings of places that you should definitely visit when you come to Europe.

But the locals do not mind getting out of the city on weekends or on vacation.

Young people who study in the Czech Republic, as well as employees in various fields, have a heavy workload and prefer to spend their free time away from the noise, leaving the right to admire the capital’s sights to tourists. There is so much to see outside of Prague.

To begin with, the Czech Republic has absolutely stunning nature. Majestic cliffs and canyons, picturesque national parks and reserves, crystal clear lakes and waterfalls – the landscapes evoke peace and harmony.

The Czech Republic is rich in peat bogs, which have made it easy to visit by building walking paths ending in observation decks. And what about the majestic Krkonoše mountain range, which passes into the territory of Poland? Absolutely incredible air and unique natural landscapes gather thousands of tourists. In the warm season, here you can admire the scenery, walk through the forests, which are located in the lower part of the mountains.

Well, in winter this place turns into a ski resort, which is appreciated by lovers of outdoor activities, including those from other countries.

The world famous Czech resorts do not need a special introduction. Unique complexes created by nature itself and aimed at improving health have many fans.
Czech architecture is very vibrant and has a very special style. Fortresses and castles are especially striking, the walls of which literally breathe history and are open for excursions to everyone. Some of them have art showrooms inside.

Well, do not forget about the interesting geographical position of the Czech Republic. Having borders with Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia, it gives you the opportunity to travel to a completely different state with its own sights, natural landscapes and cultural events. The time spent on the trip is minimal, and there are a lot of impressions to get!

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