What do you need to know about living in a dormitory?

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Admission to the university is an exciting and serious step into adulthood. However, for many of us, this is also the beginning of independent life. Usually, the best student years are spent in a dormitory. However, life in a student dormitory is not only fun but also a great responsibility. You will receive a bonus of cooking, cleaning, washing, and new neighbors. We will tell the tips of how to make your life in a community comfortable.


Congratulation now you have a roommate. As a rule, two or three students live in one room. And they can be absolutely random people. They also came to an educational program to fulfill their dream and go to university. You will have time to get to know them better, the main thing is not to spoil the relationship at the very beginning. We advise you to assign responsibilities, set up a cleaning schedule, and decide who has which shelf in the refrigerator.


If you don’t clean – no one does. Do not store garbage waiting for a large Saturday cleaning, the weekend can be spent with much greater benefit. The only thing you should do is keep your room clean on a regular base together with your roommates.   


Sometimes a dormitory is a party place. You can’t get away from this, the soul requires songs and dances. Get ready for it. If you do not like parties, we advise you to buy earplugs. No noise is terrible with them. You will surely be in silence.

The manager of the residence

The most helpful person in the dormitory. He is responsible for your comfort and coziness. In case of problems you can contact this person. It is necessary to have a good relationship with him. And do not forget to follow the rules that he tells you.


Choux noodles, chips, fast food … stop. Do not torment your stomach and do not be lazy to cook yourself a normal dinner: it will be useful and cheaper.


The comfort of living in a student community largely depends on how well you are equipped, that is, provided with everything you need. Bedclothes, dishes, household chemicals, medicines. We advise you to make a list of everything you need in order not to forget anything.

During your student’s years the dormitory is a perfect choice to leave in. Here you will spend your best years, find friends and become independent.

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