Welcome Party: 16.10.2019

Welcome Party в Празі msmstudy.com.ua

October 16, 2019, when almost all the students of the one-year foundation programs of the International Union of Youth finally came to the beautiful Prague, without changing the traditions the MSM has arranged for their guests a fun, eventful and unforgettable opening party – Welcome Party in Prague.

The party was held in one of the best clubs in the Czech Republic – P.M Club. All the halls of the club were rented specially for students, coordinators and guests of the International Union of Youth. So the students were in a friendly and warm atmosphere, surrounded by caring employees and new friends. The most famous hits of pop music were played at the party, and our main coordinator Ekaterina Skutaru also took care of unusual contests for students. In one of them, the guys were divided into two teams: ISIC and ISIC Alive and named the advantages of this or that type of student card. In another competition, having put more marshmallows in their mouths, students had to pronounce the famous Czech tongue twister strč prst skrz krk (insert a finger through the throat). Also at the Welcome Party in Prague there were competitions for the best group and best individual dance. The most active guys received MSM brand seals on hand and as a result, in the final competition for the fastest juice drinking, the king and queen of MSM were chosen. And all this with groovy music, as well as singing with a guitar with our talented coordinators.

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