Welcome Party: 04.07.2019

welcome party msm

MSM meets newly arrived students!

On July 4, we gathered all the students of the summer programs at the grand party, devoted to the beginning of the summer training program for MSM students, “Welcome Party”! Such parties are an excellent opportunity to meet new friends, deepen international friendship and gain new experience of communication with students from other parts of the world.

In one of the most fashionable club of Prague “P.M Club” together with the coordinators gathered four hundred participants of summer courses, so they didn’t have a chance to be bored – so in case you are afraid that you or your child would feel the lack of communication, then these fears are absolutely for nothing! The warm friendly atmosphere and competitions designed to “break the ice” definitely worked!

Knowing that usually our students are fascinated by this event, we decided to bring even more fun this time: a guest DJ with top music of 2019, free non-alcoholic drinks for each participant and unusual competitions – dance battles Makarena and “Skibidi” from Little Big did not leave anyone indifferent.

During the interactive “Gather as much selfie as possible”, even the most shy were not left aside! The participants were required to meet as many new friends as possible in a short period of time in order to capture a selfie with each of them! The winners took their sweet prizes, and the most active participants received branded “I love MSM” T-shirts!

After dancing and meeting new friends, at 12 pm, the students drove back to their dormitories with new positive impressions and memories. After all, it was a long-long day – arriving to Prague and impressions of the new city, the first briefings from the coordinators and the first smiles of new students! On this fun note, we will spend the entire summer course – and in order to keep following students news please subscribe to our Instagram.

MSM wishes all students to spend a great time in Prague! Below you will find a complete photo report from the “Dancing at the Welcome Party” event.

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