Walk through the Old Town

One of the first unforgettable walks of students was a walk through the Old Town.

The Old Town is the historic district of Prague on the right bank of the Vltava River.

Initially, this part of the city was the crossing of important trade routes between the West and the East.

And now there is still a lot to see! It is here that all the main sights of Prague are located: the Old Town Square; Rudolfinum or the House of Arts; the entrance to Charles Bridge and the bridge itself, decorated with thirty statues; the Powder Tower, which is the beginning of the Royal Route; the most famous Prague building in Art Nouveau style – the Jesuit monastery complex – Clementine; the first building of the Charles University; and the museum of composer Bedřich Smetana!

And our students were traditionally accompanied by curators and a guide. A pleasant bonus of the walk was a specially invited photographer, who took care that all the brightest moments of the day were left not only in the children’s memories, but also in their photos! After the walk the students left with only bright impressions! The truth is said – the first acquaintance with Prague is not forgotten! Stunning streets, old houses, cozy coffee houses … There is nothing more beautiful than autumn Prague, and every student of MSM knows this!