Vltava Cruise MSM: 06.08.2019

vltava cruise

Enjoy the view of Prague from the ship

On August 6, students of summer programs of the International Union of Youth together with the coordinators chose one of the most unusual and relaxing excursions in order to get to know Prague better  – a trip on a boat. Such trip is ideal variant when you come to the Czech capital and you can’t wait to explore the city, but you get tired after the road. On the open deck you can enjoy the summer breeze, a view of the Prague Castle, which is located in the distance, as well as to pass by the Charles Bridge, where dozens of tourists flock at any time of the year.

During such a walk along the Vltava River, students could get to know each other better and take many photographs against the backdrop of Prague. For the students are still waiting for a lot of entertaining and educational events – this is a trip to the Prague Castle, which they admired yesterday from the outside, and visiting of the Hradcany district, as well as evening walks in Prague with coordinators, where they can admire the beauty and architecture of the city in details. But that evening, MSM opened for students a panoramic Prague – captured in hundreds of paintings and postcards.

Sailing along the river on the boat, the most curious students could see the sculptures located on the Charles Bridge, the spiers of St. Vitus Cathedral, as well as the “golden crown” of the “Narodni Divadlo” – places where both Czechs and foreigners line up to get on sensational performance.

Tip: If you are going to Prague and want to visit the theater without splurging on the most expensive tickets, we advise you to book tickets in at least three months before, since it is almost impossible visit the performance closer to the date of premier.

On the other bank of Vltava, the “little Eiffel Tower” stands out, imitating the famous Parisian landmark – you can get to the top of the tower only during opening hours by elevator or on foot, which will cost less.

You can find the full photo report on the trip of students on the boat below, as well as on the MSM Instagram.

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