Visa Application for Long-term Student Visa

Who can apply for a long-term student visa?

One of the easiest long-term Czech visas to apply for and the one with the lowest percentage of refusals is probably the student visa.

In order to obtain a student visa you must be enrolled in a study program at an accredited educational institution in the Czech Republic. It can be a university, a high school, or language courses. However, keep in mind that many accredited Czech language courses provide a study confirmation only for short term visa application, which only allows you to get a tourist visa. You will have no problems getting to the Czech Republic with such a visa, you will finish your language course and probably even enter a university here, but you will have to go back to your home country to apply for a long-term Czech student visa. According to the laws of the Czech Republic it is impossible to change your tourist visa to the long-term student visa outside the territory of your home country.

A completely different thing is when you attend Czech language courses, organized on the basis of a public university. In this case you get a long-term student visa to the Czech Republic from the very start. When you finish the language course and apply at the university you can extend your student visa here in the Czech Republic without having to go back to your home country.

Our language foundation courses are organized on the basis of 2 major public Czech universities – Czech University of Life Sciences and Czech Technical University.This means that when you apply for our course you will receive a long-term student visa to the Czech Republic.

Upon completion of our foundation course you will extend your student visa at the Foreign Police of the Czech Republic, without leaving the country. If all necessary documents are correctly prepared, problems with the extension of the student visa do not arise.

How long does it take to make the visa and for how long is the visa valid?

Long-term student visa to the Czech Republic is a visa for the purpose of study, which is valid for a period from 90 days to six months. This visa has no limits to the number of entries and departures from the country, so with this long-term student visa you can freely travel from the Czech Republic to other Schengen countries.

Processing of an application for a long-term student visa by the Czech embassy can take a period from 60 days to six months. In this regard we advise to collect all necessary documents and lodge your application in advance. Depending on a country you are applying from, the embassy may require registering your appointment in advance via phone or email. In some countries the registration is done through an online system – VISAPOINT.

What documents are required?

The application for a long-term student visa to the Czech Republic must be submitted at the embassy in person. The supporting documents must be translated into Czech language by a court translator and they must be certified by a Czech notary. Documents older than 180 days will not be accepted. Passport must be valid for at least another 90 days after the expected expiry of the visa. Here is a list of documents that you need to submit when lodging your visa application at the embassy of the Czech Republic:

  1. Passport and 2 copies of data page (the one with your picture and your personal information). Minimum validity of the passport must exceed the intended stay by at least 3 months;
  2. Filled out application form for a long-term student visa to the Czech Republic. The application form and instructions can be found on the official website of the Czech embassy in your home country;
  3. 2 passport photographs (size 3.5 by 4.5 cm). Don’t forget to put your full name in Roman letters and date of birth on the back of each photo;
  4. Acceptance letter – a document certifying acceptance into a study program in the Czech Republic issued by a Czech university or school;
  5. Confirmation of sufficient financial resources. The minimum amount to obtain a long-term student visa to the Czech Republic for a period of six months is CZK 59.400 for six months or 85.800 CZK for a year. The following documents can be submitted to the embassy as a confirmation of sufficient financial resources:
    • If you have your own bank account – bank account statement and a copy of your credit/debit card. The bank account statement should contain: the name of account holder, the available amount, the currency of the account; the equivalent of the remaining amount in EURO. The credit card information must also be specified in the bank account statement.
    • If you don’t have your own bank account – copy of a credit/debit card issued on your name and connected to a bank account of a person who is sponsoring your stay. In addition to this copy you must also provide a bank account statement with a name of the holder of the account, the remaining amount and the currency of the account, as well as the equivalent of the remaining amount in EURO. The bank account statement must also contain information that you can use the money on the account. If this information is not in the statement, the account holder must write a so-called “sponsorship letter” – a confirmation that he/she allows you to use the funds from the account. The signature of the account holder must be notarized (by a notary of the country, which issued the statement). This option is used in case the student is under 18 and the bank account holder is a parent of the student.For example, if your mother is the account holder, you need to provide the following documents: Bank account statement on your mother’s name and the confirmation that you are allowed to use the money from this bank account, which can be provided in a form of: credit/debit card on your name; sponsorship letter.
    • The bank account statement and the sponsorship letter must be translated into Czech language by a court translator.
  6. Confirmation of accommodation in the Czech Republic. An original document issued by a Czech university or school, which confirms your accommodation during your studies (the document must be in Czech language);
  7. Extract from the Criminal Register from the country of your citizenship and from any other country where you have lived for 6 months or longer in the previous 3 years;
  8. Students, who at the time of crossing the border, are under 18, are required to provide a notarized consent of both parents to travel abroad;
  9. Medical health insurance from a Czech insurance company. However, this document is not required for the visa procedure (you will be asked to present it when collecting your visa);
  10. Copies of all above-mentioned documents (copy of visa application form is not required).
  11. Translation of your documents into Czech language. All documents submitted with the visa application form must be in Czech language. Documents in other languages must be translated into Czech language by a Czech court translator (with a stamp) or by translation agencies outside the Czech Republic. Please note that translations must be filed together with original documents.

You can find a list of authorized translators on the official website of the Czech embassy in your country.

When applying for a long-term student visa all the required documents must be submitted at once. Documents submitted later will not be accepted by the embassy.

Additional advice and recommendations

When applying for a long-term student visa to the Czech Republic you are most likely to have an interview at the embassy. During the interview you may be asked where you are going to study, the exact name of the institution and its address, where you are going to live and what are the accommodation conditions. If you haven’t visited Czech Republic in advance and haven’t seen the school/university and accommodation, it’s best to say that you have seen it on photographs and to describe what you have seen. You can also be asked why do you need a student visa to the Czech Republic, why you chose this country for your studies and what you are planning to do after you complete them.

Please keep in mind that getting a visa to the Czech Republic (long-term student or any other kind) is not your “right”. The embassy considers the issuance of your visa as a “service” that the government provides to you. Sometimes refusals do not have objective reasons, they may depend on the mood of the consul and the subjective impression that you have made during the interview. Therefore, before applying for a long-term student visa to the Czech Republic we recommend that you prepare well for the interview at the embassy, and to think over the best answers for possible questions. And, of course, be polite and positive at the interview.

We wish you good luck with your visa application, a swift positive response and we will see you soon in the Czech Republic!