Vienna: 13.06.2019


To the homeland of Mozart and Viennese croissants!

On June 13, students of the summer program had a trip to Vienna – Sigmund Freud’s and four world-famous composers homeland, and, strange as it may be, birthplace of croissants, which are mistakenly considered to be French all over the world!

Students learned this and other facts from a fascinating tour with our guide when they arrived in the capital of Austria by the comfortable bus. The trip took a little time – just two hours, which once again demonstrates the advantages of students studying in the Czech Republic! One visa, which allows you to freely travel around Europe and the small distances between European countries – this is the whole secret of success and happiness of a European student!

Note: After graduating from the annual MSM courses you, like other European students, can enter a European university and get the right to travel around Europe as much as time and budget allow.

In the meantime, our students were on the summer language program, we also traveled to the maximum. Arriving in Vienna, the students first went to see the sights, starting from the Stephanplatz square at St. Stephen’s Cathedral, where Pumerin bells were ringing sometimes, and then along Kerntnerstrasse, from where they got to the famous Vienna Opera, which opened in 1869.

Students walked past the Hofbrugg Palace – the official residence of the President of Austria, as well as the Schönbrunn residence, where Mozart himself once played for Maria Theresa.

Interesting fact! This palace complex is so extensive that with it you can even find the whole zoo.

Visiting the museum quarter, students could enjoy the traditional Viennese atmosphere of unhurriedness and Austrian vintage style in one of the local pastry shops. The guys could taste the local coffee and sweets, and if you followed our example, went to Vienna and suddenly found yourself with low budget, it’s okay – order water from the tap! We are not joking, because tap water in Vienna comes directly from the sources of the Alpine mountains!

In Vienna, the spirit of aristocracy and the upland is felt all the time – even if you just sit in a cafe or walk on foot excursion routes.

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