Unusual specialties in the Czech Republic

Sometimes it may seem that some students choose rather unusual specialties for study, instead of the usual promising and popular ones, which are constantly heard. Having philosophized and analyzed this topic in more detail, you will understand that such a choice is due to great interest in the future profession.

An extraordinary specialty requires courage and character so that no one can sway you towards more “classic” professions. If you know for sure that you are a brave person and you have a character, then be sure to read today’s post about the most non-obvious specialties for learning to the end!

  1. Winemaking and brewing. When you think about the production of wine or beer, you immediately imagine either a small family business or a huge conglomerate. However, looking around, you will notice how many young people are now producing craft beer, cider and wine. All this becomes very fashionable and very profitable, you just have to find your niche and your audience. And, of course, in order to produce a quality product, you need a good education. For wine production, it is better to enter the Faculty of Horticulture at Mendel University in Brno, and if you are interested in the profession of a brewer, then it is better to enter the Higher School of Chemical Technology at the Faculty of Biotechnology.
  2. The science of hunting and hunting management. The Czech Agrarian University is not only one of the best for studying economics, but also for entering the most unusual faculties – for example, the Faculty of Forestry Management. After graduating from the university, you can immediately start working as the head of hunting and forestry or the organizer of forest tourism.
  3. The terrible word “recreology” means only the science of relaxation. Given the trend towards being attentive to one’s physical and mental health and the general trend towards self-love, the specialty is more than promising. You can study recreationology at the University of Ostrava, at the University of Palacký in Olomouc and at the Technical University in Liberec. After graduation, you will be able to work in travel agencies, health centers, spa centers, or become a specialist in your field and lead private clients by promoting your services on social networks. Unlike other “recreologists”, you will be the owner of a European diploma.

What specialties interest you?

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