University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague

The Czech Republic is a wonderful country with great opportunities for ambitious young people who want to make a name for themselves. A lot of educational institutions are offered to the attention of applicants, which provide a chance to get higher education in the Czech Republic for everyone.

Czech universities have an impeccable reputation, high-quality and interesting educational programs, as well as many additional benefits aimed at making the student feel as comfortable as possible.

Today, the sciences of the future are in great demand, associated with new developments in the field of chemical technologies and technical areas. Such prestigious universities as the Czech Technical University, the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, Charles University have faculties with technology related degrees and give the prospect of obtaining a highly-demanded profession. However, the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague certainly stands out from the rest.

This greatest educational institution with a rich history has been existing independently from the Czech Technical University since 1952 and over the years has acquired the highest world ratings for those who are eager to receive education in the Czech Republic, especially free of charge.

Currently, the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague includes four faculties, which have a total of 29 departments and invites you to study chemical engineering, food industry and biochemistry, chemical technology, analytical chemistry, and many other interesting areas. The university teachers possess extensive knowledge in their field and excellent organizational skills, approaching teaching creatively and showing the highest level of ability to engage students.

The opportunity to study in English is available in all universities that keep the bar high and open their doors to applicants from various countries. For students who plan to study in the Czech language, the preparation for admission and learning Czech can also take place on the basis of an educational institution, in turn, the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague provides such an opportunity. It is a good practice to feel most comfortable and relaxed after entering the university.

Education in the Czech Republic is available to everyone! If you have the most serious plans, you aim to go only forward, and also want to get access to high-quality knowledge – Universities of the Czech Republic are the best choice!

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