University of West Bohemia

The University of West Bohemia in Pilsen – was founded in 1991 as one of the most successful universities in the Czech Republic. The achievements of students in various fields of technology, humanitarian and medical disciplines and arts are admirable – this university does everything possible to develop their talents.


Faculty of Applied Sciences

Faculty of Applied Sciences, providing education in physics, geomatics, information technology, cybernetics, mathematics, mechanics, and civil engineering.

Faculty of Design and Art

This is an art school of the 21st century. Work and philosophy are based on the inspiring heritage of the outstanding Pilsen native and world renowned Czech-American designer Ladislav Sutnar. In the faculty, students work with traditional and modern crafts and technologies.

Faculty of Economics

Offers programs in economics at five departments in both the Plzeň and the Karlovy Vary Regions.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Graduates will gain a broad base of expertise from electrical engineering and information technology, programming, robotics, new materials, information and communication technologies, smart textiles and wearable electronics, electromobility, management, ecology, renewable energy sources, project management, and many others. Favorable position on the labor market, immediate employment.

Faculty of Arts

Offers a wide range of study programs in anthropology, philosophy, history, humanities, and social sciences.

Faculty of Pedagogy

Faculty offers a wide choice of programs in Lifelong Learning focusing mainly on further education of teachers.

Faculty of Law

Faculty ranks among the four most favoured and best-regarded law schools in the Czech Republic. Its bachelor, master, and doctoral programs prepare highly qualified professionals who find excellent opportunities on the job market.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

One of the oldest faculties of universities in Pilsen and ranks among the best educational institutions. Graduates are highly employable both in the Czech Republic and in Europe.

Faculty of Medicine

Focuses on the education of medical experts who find jobs in the Plzeň region and beyond. Offers bachelor programs in nursing, midwifery, and physiotherapy, and prepares future medical lab technicians, rescue paramedics, and orthotists/prosthetists.

Admission for requirements:

You need to have a certificate of knowledge of the Czech language at the B2 level and pass exams in specialized subjects.

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