Technical University of Ostrava

Technical University of Ostrava – was founded in 1849 as a public university with a long tradition in high-quality engineering education and research. Here you can get an education in technical and economic fields on 7 faculties. You can study industrial or civil engineering, electrical engineering and mechanics, labor protection, geology and mining, modern computer technology, computer technology, metallurgy and economics.


Faculty of Mining and Geology

Is a modern faculty which interconnects natural sciences with technical and economic fields of study in a completely unique manner. Its history dates back to the year 1716, when the oldest mining school was founded in Jáchymov. Currently, more than 4,000 students study here in various fields – from geology and geoinformatics to mining and environmental sciences.

Faculty of Materials Science and Technology

One of the oldest faculties of the university. Its history dates back to the founding of the university in 1849. The faculty conducts fundamental and applied research and is a reliable partner for a wide range of industries in the field of consulting and research.

Faculty of Applied Informatics

The faculty students study all types of information technology, automatic control, artificial intelligence, secure observation systems, intelligent buildings and communications at all levels.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Keeps up with the fast pace of modern times, which makes it a place where unique technical solutions are created and where young engineers are educated in the most desirable disciplines of the present. They can also participate in projects such as the design of the student formula or the construction of the autonomous robot RoverOva.

Faculty of Economics

One of the largest faculties of economics in the Czech Republic. The faculty offers a wide range of study opportunities in cooperation with many international partners.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Was founded in 1991 as an important partner in the successful transformation of the industrial economy of the region.

Faculty of Civil Engineering

Provides general education in areas concerned with civil engineering, construction and architecture.

Admission for requirements:

You need to have a certificate of knowledge of the Czech language at the B2 level and pass exams in specialized subjects.

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