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Pardubice University – was founded in 1950. Only this university in Czech republic has accreditation by the British Academy. For the reason that the chemical industry was developed in the Pardubice region and qualified specialists were needed, the university was opened on time.

After 1990 the university began its expansion – new faculties began to open, which are not only related to chemistry.

The university offers education in 7 faculties in Czech and English:


Jan Perner Faculty of Transport

The history of the faculty began in 1992 and has the name of Jan Parner.Graduates of the faculty are highly demanded specialists in the field of process management in transport, forwarding and logistics structures, the organization of electronic commerce through online stores, the implementation of forwarding activities, as well as the management of transport infrastructure or the design of transport systems, their operation and maintenance. At the faculty: 8 bachelor’s programs, 6 master’s programs and 4 doctoral programs.

Faculty of Economics and Administration

Was founded in 1991. The idea of creating the faculty was initiated by the great demand for experts for the new system of public administration. The faculty has about 1 300 students. Modern computer classes with interactive audiovisual equipment and mobile classrooms provide the best conditions for the training of future professionals. At the faculty: 7 bachelor’s programs, 6 master’s programs and 4 doctoral programs. Each program also has several specializations.

Faculty of Chemistry and Technology

First faculty of the university, which was founded in 1950. It is one of the most modern and prestigious educational and research faculties in the Czech Republic. Graduates are demanding specialists who are ready to start a career in chemical, food, pharmaceutical, printing and other industrial companies both in the Czech Republic and abroad. At the faculty: 11 bachelor’s programs, 17 master’s programs and 12 doctoral programs.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

was founded in 2008. The faculty offers programs focused on electrical engineering and IT. Particular attention is paid to areas in the context of information processing, development of programming languages, database administration, application of system analysis and administration of computer networks. At the faculty: 4 bachelor’s programs, 3 master’s programs and 1 doctoral programs.

Faculty of Philosophy

was founded in 1992, but until 2005 changed its name several times. The faculty offers programs in the humanities and language disciplines, here you can find unique specialties. At the faculty: 18 bachelor’s programs, 12 master’s programs and 2 doctoral programs.

Faculty of Restoration

is the smallest faculty of the university, the reason is an individual approach to each student. Education at the faculty is not only in the theory of restoration, but also in practice. At the faculty: 4 bachelor’s programs.

Faculty of Medical Research

was founded in 2002. The specialties of doctors and medical workers are very demanded both in the Czech Republic and around the world. The faculty is very popular for education. At the faculty: 5 bachelor’s programs, 3 master’s programs.

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