University of New York in Prague

University of New York in Prague

Since 1998, UNYP has been offering the best English-language higher education in Central Europe in the fields of business, communications, international relations, literature and psychology. UNYP offers accredited English language study programs for undergraduate and graduate degrees as an officially recognized institution of higher education in the Czech Republic and in collaboration with prestigious international universities in the USA and Europe.

About New York University

  • Currently, more than 700 students from more than 60 different countries study at the university.
  • The university has nearly 1,000 graduates worldwide.
  • More than 90 teachers from 16 different countries of the world
  • For most teachers at our university, English is the mother tongue
  • 79% of teachers have a Ph.D. and equivalent or highest professional degree
  • International experience is now more important for quality education than ever. UNYP offers training in the most beautiful city in the heart of Europe through the rich accredited programs of respected educational institutions in the USA, Switzerland and the UK.

Lectures are given by certified and experienced teachers of international level, using modern techniques that stimulate independent thinking, encourage openness and activity, for students from culturally and geographically diverse groups that reflect the diversity of today’s and tomorrow’s world. Students are trained and guided by teachers who strive to develop their critical thinking, analytical and leadership skills, ability to solve complex problems and make decisions necessary for a successful career and a fulfilling life in the 21st century.

Studying options

  • Studying under the European program accredited in the Czech Republic. This three-year program is approved by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic and gives the degree holder the right to use the abbreviation “Bc” after his name. Students can either enter full-time or study on weekends, which is an ideal choice for those who work.
  • Studying under the American program. Upon completion of this four-year American program, an American Bachelor’s degree from Empire State College in New York is awarded. Empire State College is an educational institution accredited in the United States by the Higher Education Commission of the Association of Higher and Secondary Education of the Mid-Atlantic Region. This degree is identical to the one that American students receive at the end of their studies.
  • Studying in the double degree program (Czech and American). Students enrolled in an American program specializing in Business Administration, Media and Communication Theory, or International Economic Relations may optionally take Czech state exams upon completion of studies. Upon successful passing the exams, students receive a Double Degree: the American degree from Empire State College and the Czech degree from UNYP.


Bachelor’s degree programs:

  • Business administration
  • Media and communication theory
  • International economic relations
  • Psychology
  • English language and literature

Master’s degree programs:

  • Master of Professional Communication and Public Relations
  • Master of Clinical Advisory Psychology
  • Master of International and Commercial Law

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