University of creative communication Prague

Learning programs:

Creative marketing (Online marketing, Creative marketing, Management in the creative industry).
Literary creativity (Creative writing).
Visual Creativity (Photography and Audiovisual Effects, Animation and Visual Effects, Graphic and Media Design).

At the moment, the university also offers the Erasmus + program for all students under the professional internship program.

Training in all specialties — 3 years.

Creative Marketing (Online Marketing, Creative Marketing, Management in the Creative Industry)

This is a unique and advanced specialty that prepares students for a wide range of creative and creative management professions. Already during their studies, students acquire practical knowledge and skills in the advertising and media fields. Each student during the training has the opportunity to develop their talents and show their originality, and at the same time coordinate their ideas with the requirements of the client and implement them in accordance with other team members. The creative industry is looking not only for strong personalities willing to experiment, but also for those who combine this with the ability to collaborate and communicate.

Literary creativity (Creative writing)

The purpose of the training is to give confident help to future writers, publicists and copywriters. Students of this specialty will be able to express their creative skills and originality, learn not only to write, but also to professionally read, analyze and edit texts of different genres.

The training takes place under the guidance of experienced and respected writers, screenwriters, publicists and authors of texts.

Already during their studies, students will have the opportunity to present their literary works to the public and in the media, advertising agencies, and cultural institutions.

Visual Creativity (Photography and Audiovisual Effects, Animation and Visual Effects, Graphic and Media Design)

This is a unique specialization that educates students in accordance with the current requirements of the modern creative industry. It is intended for those interested in art in combination with the latest digital technologies, 3D computer animation, 2D flash animation and the creation of digital movies and visual effects.

During their studies, students develop their visual style and flexibility in using the latest digital technologies. The training is organized in such a way that after the first year students can engage in practical activities under the guidance of experienced professionals.

Cost of education:

Marketing Communications — 36 400 CZK per semester
Photography and audiovisual art — 46 200 CZK per semester
Graphic Design and Media — 46 200 CZK per semester
3D animation and visual effects — 48 000 CZK per semester
Creative writing — 38 800 CZK per semester

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