University of Chemistry and Technology (VSCHT)

The University of Chemical and Technology in Prague is the largest educational institution of its kind in Central Europe. As educators and researchers, several Nobel laureates in chemistry worked here.

In the curriculum of the new institute, special attention was paid to the mathematical, physical and physical-chemical base. Today, the University of Chemical Technology in Prague consists of four faculties.


The Faculty of Chemical Engineering was founded in 1960, then it was called the Faculty of Automation and Economics of Chemical Production.

The faculty included 4 departments. In 1969, the faculty was renamed into chemical engineering. A characteristic of training programs is their versatility, without specifying on a separate specialty or technology. This opens up wide opportunities for students to work in various fields and areas both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

At the Faculty of Chemical Engineering, you can study in the following programs.

Bachelor’s degree programs:

  • Engineering Informatics
  • Engineering Informatics
  • Engineering and Management
  • Process Engineering, Computer Science and Management
  • Technical, physical and engineering chemistry
  • Process engineering and enterprise management
  • Process engineering and enterprise management

Continuing master’s programs:

  • Technical, physical and analytical chemistry
  • Physical chemistry
  • Analytical chemistry and quality engineering
  • Molecular engineering
  • Process Engineering and Computer Science
  • Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering and Mathematical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering and Process Management
  • Economics and management of chemical and food enterprises
  • Economics and management of chemical and food enterprises

The term of study at bachelor’s programs is 3 years.

Within the framework of the specializations “Preservation – restoration of art exhibits from metal”, “Preservation – restoration from textile materials”, “Preservation – restoration from glass and ceramics” training – 4 years.

The term of study at the master’s programs is 2 years.

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