University of Business in Prague

The University of Business in Prague in 1999 received state permission to operate in the Czech Republic. The Institute provides higher education accredited.

Undergraduate Programs:

  • Tourism
  • Development of human resources in the economy of transport
  • Air Travel Services in Tourism
  • Air transportation
  • Touring business in tourism

Master programs:

  • Tourism Management
  • Airline Management
  • Touring in tourism

Graduates of the institute can occupy places, first of all, of managerial and organizational workers at any levels of administration, can work as employees of travel companies and agents, regional tourist centers. In addition, they will be able to apply their knowledge when working as guides or guides, as well as in carrying out independent entrepreneurial activity in the field of tourism. Special training is organized so that upon the advent of 3.5 years, after graduation, graduates will receive several professions that are subject to specific application. In the future, this will allow you, if necessary, to change the profession without the necessary retraining.

Cost of education:

Bachelor’s program — 24 900 CZK per semester
Master’s program — 27 900 CZK per semester

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