The University of Hradec Králové

The University of Hradec Králové – was founded in 1964 as a public higher education university in the Czech Republic. Modern campus of the University of Hradec Kralove, which is located a few steps from the historic city center. Thousands of young students from the Czech Republic, as well as foreign ones, meet on the modern campus of the University of Hradec Králové.

To this day, the university continues its dynamic development. The local students receive high-quality and modern knowledge, which regularly increases the number of those wishing to enter the university.


Faculty of Informatics and Management

The oldest faculty in the university. It was founded in 1993 and has more than 8000 thousand students. The faculty offers for students education in information technology, information management, tourism, sports management and financial management. Faculty offers: 5 bachelor’s programs, 4 master’s programs and 2 doctoral programs.

Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education is the largest faculty of the university, which offers its prospective students: A mission is to train both teachers and other specialists in the field of the humanities, education, social, technical, physical education and the arts. Faculty offers: 30 bachelor’s programs, 40 master’s programs, as well as a doctoral program (music theory and pedagogy).

Faculty of Philosophy

Was founded in 2005, previously it was called the Faculty of Humanities. Research activity is an integral part of the life of the faculty. Research at the faculties is carried out mainly within the framework of grant projects (Grant Agency, Technological Agency of the Czech Republic). Also, every year foreign teachers come to the faculty as part of their scientific projects. Faculty offers: 8 bachelor programs, 6 master programs and 5 doctoral programs.

Faculty of Natural Sciences

The youngest faculty of the university, which was founded in 2010. Not only future teachers of natural sciences study at the faculty, but also chemists, toxicologists, physicists, biologists, financial mathematicians and computer scientists. Faculty offers: 9 bachelor programs, 11 master programs and 4 doctoral programs.

Faculty of Natural Sciences : certificate of knowledge of the Czech language at B2 level.

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