Technical University of Liberec

Technical University of Liberec

Technical University of Liberec was founded in 1953 in the city of Liberec. The university has six faculties: engineering, textile, natural sciences, humanities and education, economics, art and architecture, as well as the faculty of mechatronics, computer science and interdisciplinary research. Currently, about 10,000 students study at the university.

The Technical University in Liberec has about 100 specialties and more than 200 specializations. Programs are accredited for undergraduate, graduate, doctoral studies. Most of them can be studied in full-time or combined form of training. Many of them are also accredited in English.


Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering is the oldest at the Technical University of Liberec. At the time of its creation, it was focused primarily on the education of engineers in the field of textiles, glass and the automotive industry. Over time, his profile has been changed and expanded to its current state.

Textile Faculty

This faculty in the Czech Republic provides higher education throughout the textile industry. Here you can study textile technology, marketing and design. The Textile Faculty is also actively involved in research such as new nanofiber technology. The faculty is mainly aimed at cooperation with industry and the solution of a number of projects funded by various types of grants.

Faculty of Natural Sciences and Pedagogical

Teacher education in Liberec has more than two hundred years of tradition. The traditional role of the faculty is to prepare teachers for the first and second grades of elementary school in some subjects for secondary schools. In addition, the faculty, in particular, through the preparation of undergraduate experts in the field of humanities and natural sciences. Currently, the number of students is about 3,000. They receive education in bachelor, master and doctor programs, divided into more than forty areas. The faculty also offers a wide range of educational services for continuing education. The Natural Science and Pedagogical Faculty of the Technical University of Liberec pays considerable attention to scientific research and scientific activities. Due to this, he receives grants both from domestic sources (Czech Republic) and from one of the EU operational programs. Thanks to science, the faculty is constantly expanding its educational program offerings.

Faculty of Economics

The Faculty of Economics of the Technical University of Liberec offers what enterprises and organizations need at the beginning of the third millennium β€” high quality education, knowledge, experience and practice. For more than fifteen years of its existence, the faculty has become a prestigious educational institution offering comprehensive education β€” that is, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs in economics and management, systems engineering and computer science, economic policy and administration.
The Faculty of Economics, is the initiator and editorial staff of the prestigious specialized magazine E + M (Economics and Management). The faculty also has the annual holding of many international scientific conferences and seminars. The main ones are: Liberec International Economic Forum and conferences on topical issues of system integration (Liberec Informatics Forum).

Faculty of Architecture

Established in 1994, the Faculty of Architecture, Technical University of Liberec wants to educate its graduates with experts in the field of architecture and in all its aspects. Emphasizing the creative and conceptual vision of architectural work. The faculty strives for dynamic student learning that meets modern requirements for architectural education in the world.
Education and research are aimed at the opportunity for discussion between students and teachers of various architectural solutions, which opens the way for joint search and discovery.

Faculty of Mechatronics, Computer Science and Interdisciplinary Research

The Faculty of Mechatronics, Computer Science and Interdisciplinary Research was founded in 1995 as a faculty aimed primarily at combining technical disciplines (electronics, control measurements) with computer science and the natural sciences (mathematical modeling). Currently, the faculty provides higher education at all levels bachelor-master-doctor. In addition to training, the faculty is actively involved in the field of science and research.

Institute for Medical Research

The Institute for Medical Research was established on the basis of the Liberec Technical University on December 1, 2004. Its creation is due to the interest of the Technical University of Liberec to expand training in the programs of nurse and biomedical technology. The study is intended for all candidates who have successfully completed a complete secondary general education or secondary vocational education, medical direction.

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