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Ostrava University – was founded in 1991. For the entire region, the university opened the opportunity to get higher education in the humanities, social and natural sciences, as well as medicine and health care, pedagogy and fine arts. The University of Ostrava has the highest level of accreditation within the Czech Republic

Granted in September 2018 by the National Accreditation Bureau for Higher Education, Institutional Accreditation grants.

The university takes care of the development of international relations, therefore, every year it sends its students to partner universities in other countries to study under the Erasmus + program.


Faculty of Medicine

the youngest faculty of Medicine in the Czech Republic and ranks among Central Europe. Currently has around 1700 students with over 400 students graduating every year. At the faculty: 10 bachelor’s programs, 5 master’s programs and 4 doctoral programs.

Faculty of Education

was founded in 1953, which was part of the Higher School of Pedagogy. It is the largest faculty and its mission is to train future teachers. Faculty offers a wide range of degrees at Bachelor’s and Master’s levels, plus doctoral programs. At the faculty: 6 bachelor’s programs, 5 master’s programs and 3 doctoral programs.

Faculty of Fine Arts and Music

The history of the Faculty dates back to 1991. Inside it is divided into 2 departments: Department of Fine Art and the Department of Music Pedagogy. At the faculty: 26 bachelor’s programs, 29 master’s programs and 1 doctoral programs.

Faculty of Social Studies

was founded in 2008 and has a mission to provide students quality higher education in the field of social sciences and social research, with the further possibility of using this education in practice. At the faculty: 2 bachelor’s programs, 2 master’s programs and 1 doctoral programs.

Faculty of Science

is the leading research faculty of the university as well as one of the important faculties of science in the Czech Republic. The teaching staff is rated not only as leading scientists, which is confirmed by numerous awards, but also as one of the most amiable Czech teachers. At the faculty: 15 bachelor’s programs, 10 master’s programs and 6 doctoral programs.

Faculty of Arts

was founded in 1991 and known as the biggest faculty of university. Currently has around 200 students and 120 pedagogy. The faculty has 12 departments, half of which specialize in teaching philological disciplines, the rest of the departments specialize in social and other humanities such as psychology, sociology, history, philosophy, history of art and cultural heritage, Czech literature and literary criticism.

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