Metropolitan University Prague

Metropolitní univerzita Praha (MUP)

The University has a state license and state accreditation. After graduation, students receive state diplomas.

Foreign internships

Metropolitan University Prague (MUP) is a private university that offers its students a large number of foreign study internships as part of the Erasmus program. More than 80 students spend one or two semesters on internships at foreign universities — in the UK, Holland, Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium, France and Sweden. In addition, the university offers students one year to study at universities in the USA, Canada, South Korea or Taiwan.

Scientific activities MUP

The Metropolitan University Prague considers it its long-term goal to become an academic center specializing in International Relations and Country Studies in the European Region and in social sciences in general. Therefore, the university is developing cooperation with the Institute of International Relations, with the Institute for European Politics (Europeum), with the Industrial Property Office, with the European Patent Office in Munich and the World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva.


Bachelor Program:

  • International Business
  • International Relations Asian and European Studies
  • Media research
  • Humanitarian sciences
  • Studies of the culture of English-speaking countries
  • Tourism
  • International trade
  • International relationships
  • Public administration

Master Program:

  • International Relations and European Studies
  • Asian Countries and International Relations
  • International and regional relations in industrial property
  • Regional Studies of the European Region and Public Administration
  • Studies of the culture of English-speaking countries

Cost of education

Bachelor and master programs: full-time — 55 000 CZK per year (2 183 EUR), combined — 48 000 CZK per year (1 905 EUR).

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