University of South Bohemia in Ceské Budějovice

University of South Bohemia in Ceské Budějovice – was founded in 1991 as a public university in České Budějovice, known as an educational and research institution specializing in the natural, human and social sciences. Student unemployment is only 5%. Education is in Czech and English language.

In university, you will benefit not just from the modern and dynamic environment, but also from the individual approach to students.

University of South Bohemia has about 9 000 students in 8 faculties in more than 220 programs including bachelor’s & master’s degrees as well as doctoral programs.


Faculty of Economics

Founded in 2007 and counts as one of the best economics faculties in the Czech Republic. At the faculty: 6 bachelor’s programs, 6 master’s programs and 1 doctoral programs.

Faculty of Arts

Was founded in 2006 and offers educational programs in history, philology, art history and aesthetics. At the faculty: 12 bachelor’s programs, 13 master’s programs and 7 doctoral programs.

Faculty of Agriculture

First faculty of the university that opened its doors to students in 1960. At the faculty: 8 bachelor’s programs, 9 master’s programs and 2 doctoral programs.

Faculty of Science

Was founded in 2007, here you can find such specialties as: biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and computer science. At the faculty: 17 bachelor’s programs, 15 master’s programs and 12 doctoral programs.

Faculty of Education

Prepares teachers for the junior and senior grades of primary schools. The faculty has 15 departments that offer a wide range of specialties. At the faculty: 31 bachelor’s programs, 21 master’s programs and 4 doctoral programs.

Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters

Is one of the most modern educational institutions in the whole of Europe, which trains specialists in management, fisheries and environmental protection.

Faculty of Theology

It was founded in 1991 and offers for students education in theology, philosophy, humanism, pedagogy.

Faculty of Health and Social Sciences

One of the biggest faculties of the university, which was opened in 1990. At the faculty: 10 bachelor’s programs, 2 master’s programs and 2 doctoral programs.

Admission for requirements: You need to have a certificate of knowledge of the Czech language at the B2 level and pass exams in specialized subjects.

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