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Czech Technical University in Prague is one of the oldest Czech universities, which celebrated its 300 years anniversary in 2007. It was founded on the initiative of Josef Christian Willenberg on the basis of a decree issued on January 18th, 1707 by Emperor Josef I. A lot of specialists and researchers in the technical areas study at CTU. University strongly develops its activities in the scientific, educational and technical fields.
The University provides the potential for the development of scientific and pedagogical researches, and technical endeavors, in accordance with the requirements of society and world trends.

Thanks to the active research and educational activities, the CTU is the best technical university in the Czech Republic and occupies highest positions in the European market of educational services.

In 2010, in the world rating of THES-QS universities in the category of technical sciences, the CTU took the 121st place, in the category of natural sciences – 246th place. The fact that CTU has surpassed many of the great universities of Western Europe, Scandinavia and Japan demonstrates the technical perfection of one of the best universities in the Czech Republic.

More than that, in 2010 CTU in Prague became the owner of the prestigious certificate Diploma Supplement Label 2010-2013. This certificate is issued to improve international “transparency” and to facilitate academic and professional recognition of graduates’ qualifications.

The Czech Technical University in Prague has a number of contracts for the exchange of students between universities. It participates in the European programs Erasmus and Leonardo. This allows students to get not only the experience of studying in the Czech Republic, but also to study and live in Germany, Austria, France and other European countries.

There is a bright and rich cultural and sports life in CTU:

The University has its own choir, as well as a symphony and chamber orchestra. They give concerts not only for the CTU, but also actively participate in the cultural life of Prague.

The Department of Physical Culture and Sports offers a lot of opportunities for the realization of the athletic abilities. Here you will find both major sports (football, badminton, karate, skiing, tennis, volleyball, swimming) and sports, which are not so common (beach volleyball, bowling, archery, golf, squash, ninjutsu). In total, there are about 40 sports that you can do with experienced coaches, being trained at the Czech Technical University in Prague.


The university has 8 dormitories, in total complexity for 8000 spots. They are quite cheap for the CTU students. Living in a hostel, foreign students can practise Czech language, which will allow them to quickly adapt to life in a foreign country. Also, the university has 8 dining rooms, in which students, of course, have a discount.

Since 2015, the Czech Technical University in Prague has signed a partnership contract with Samsung Electronics Czech and Slovak s.r.o. The first step in this cooperation was the organization of a special digital laboratory in the private sector, which will be used as a training and innovation center for the development of new information and computer technologies. For students, the new Samsung lab is a place where they can conduct new research, as well as participate in major projects and gain experience in information technology.


  • Faculty of Civil Engineering
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering
  • Faculty of Architecture
  • Faculty of Transportation Sciences
  • Faculty of Biomedical Engineering
  • Faculty of Information Technology

University Institutes

  • Klokner Institute
  • Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies
  • Institute of Physical Education and Sport
  • University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings
  • Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics

Other Constituent Parts

  • Computing and Information Centre
  • Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics
  • Central Library

Service Facilities

  • CTU Rector’s Office
  • Service Facilities Administration
  • CTU Publishing House (Česká technika)

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