AMBIS Institute

The AMBIS Institute is a private educational institution that trains specialists in banking and information technology.

The university was founded in 1999 on the basis of the educational center of the Czech National Bank and a group of large Czech commercial banks. Training programs are based on an analysis of the real needs of the financial, banking and business sectors.

Undergraduate specializations:

Banking management (training in Czech, or English)

Education, first of all, is aimed at theoretical preparation of students for work in the financial sphere and in other areas of economic process management, both at the level of individual enterprises and the national economy as a whole. In the learning process, students also acquire the necessary knowledge about the methods and working procedures that are directly applied in the current or newly organized conditions of activity of individual entrepreneurial entities, as well as the activities of public administration institutions.

The purpose of training in the specialty “Banking Management” is to prepare certified specialists who are theoretically and practically prepared to fulfill the duties of qualified employees: banking, insurance, financial sector.

A graduate with a banking manager specialization receives the qualifications necessary for the performance of official duties at the level of lower and secondary banking management. He will be able to fulfill the duties of the lower managers of the bank, for example, the head of the service department, shift supervisor or branch manager, etc. This specialty belongs to the Faculty of Banking.

The goal of this program is to form students’ scientifically based ideas: about the nature of the organization of the activities of a commercial bank; banking management mechanism both in ordinary and in extreme (crisis conditions); on the basics of effective interaction between a manufacturing enterprise (organization) and a commercial bank.

Information Technology and Management (training in Czech)

Education in the specialty “Information Technology and Management” as part of a bachelor’s program in banking education at Banking Institute Prague was started in the academic year 2001/2002. Education in this specialty is aimed at training specialists of a wide profile who can find application in the banking, financial and public sectors. In the process of training, they are trained as specialists capable of ensuring the operation and management of information systems, as well as qualified users who, not being specialists in the field of computer science, can perform managerial and executive functions, responsible for processing information and protecting data.

In the educational process, the student receives knowledge about the importance of computer science and information systems at the enterprise, about the problems of processing information and data, which is a necessary basis for the work of a modern manager.

Property valuation (training in Czech)

The curriculum is focused on a wide range of applicants for training, including insurance, banking, financial and public sectors. The training is aimed at training employees who provide property valuation, loans, risk loans and other operations in this area.

The purpose of training under the Property Valuation program is to train qualified specialists in the field of real estate, movable property and enterprise valuation, which have the necessary knowledge in the field of ground construction and architecture. Along with this, students master the theoretical foundations of assessment and its practical application.

Economics and enterprise management (training in Czech)

The aim of this course is to train qualified specialists in the field of economics and management of medical institutions, enterprises and institutions providing medical and social services and commercial companies and non-profit organizations. The bachelor’s degree lasts 6 semesters, and can take full-time or combined studies.

Cost of undergraduate education:

25 000 CZK per semester — study in Czech
37 000 CZK per semester — studying in a foreign language

Master’s specialties: Finance (training in Czech or English)

Cost of graduate education:

26 000 CZK per semester — study in Czech
37 000 CZK per semester — studying in a foreign language

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