Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague

The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague was founded in 1885 as the School of Applied Arts. The school’s ideological principles were based on the concepts of the art theorist and prominent German architect of the 19th century, Gottfried Semper, who was looking for a synthesis of “artistic” and “technical”.

The main concept of studying is based on three principles: theory and philosophy of art, technical disciplines and artistic creativity in the studio.

The goal of the educational institution is to provide students with a comprehensive art education in the field of architecture, design, visual communication, free and applied arts.

Bachelor’s degree programs: Duration of study — 4 years


  • Atelier of industrial design
  • Atelier of furniture and interior design
  • Glass Atelier
  • Atelier work with ceramics and porcelain
  • Atelier of metal K.O.V (“Concept – object – value”)
  • Fashion Atelier
  • Atelier of costume and shoe design
  • Atelier of textile creativity

Graphics and visual

  • Atelier illustrations and graphics
  • Font and typography atelier
  • Atelier of graphic design and visual communication
  • Atelier graphics in films and television graphics
  • Atelier of graphic design and new media


  • Atelier sculpture
  • Atelier of painting
  • Atelier of Intermediate Confrontation
  • Atelier supermedia
  • Atelier photos

Master’s degree programs:

  • Architecture (3 years)
  • Design (2 years)
  • Graphics and visual communications (2 years)

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