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The Academy of Art will continue to play a role in shaping the Unified National and Cultural Identity, through its students, to ensure the continuity of cultural self-determination. Despite the fact that in 2010 the Academy of Art in Prague celebrated its sixty-fifth anniversary, it will remain Young, alive and full of energy.


Theater Department (DAMU)

The Theater Department of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague is a modern educational center for art, aimed at the liberal arts education of a creative personality, the ability to combine their knowledge of theatrical practice, processes and styles of creative experiments. The most prominent personalities of Czech theater life and teachers from abroad teach here. The faculty has a large number of external contacts, as well as internships within the EU outside. Graduates of the faculty are used in leading theaters in the Czech Republic, working in independent theater groups, are used as theater artists, theater critics, directors, teachers in the broad sense of the authors.

Faculty of Cinematography and Television (FAMU)

The faculty was founded as a cinematography section of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague in 1946-1947, which makes it — after Moscow, Berlin, Rome and Paris — the fifth cinema faculty in the world. At first, students could study drama, directing, and animation. The university is active in working with foreign students. The number of foreign students is constantly increasing and the quality of their work is improving.

Faculty of Music and Choreography (HAMU)

The Faculty of Music and Choreography is a place where the best Czech talents can grow under the guidance of older masters, high-class professionals, and where education is completed by a wide range of artists of foreign origin. The extensive activity of the faculty at the international level has led the faculty to become the center of cultural and musical life of European significance.

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