Unforgettable Munich: 20.07.2019

unforgettable munich

It is time to travel!

On July 20, students of the Summer Education Programs of the International Union of Youth took a trip to the unforgettable Munich, the capital of Bavaria, a place where modern German culture and ancient architectural  are concentrated.

We traveled here with great interest to find out what is behind the beautiful motto of the city – “Munich loves you”, and indeed – it turned out that no city, except Munich, would welcome its guests better than the capital of Bavaria. We did not try to see this city from the best side, but we managed to do it – friendly Germans, beautiful architecture and unsurpassed Bavarian cuisine did its work!

Accompanied by the coordinators and experienced guide, the students went to explore Marienplatz, where the Old Town Hall, built in the 14th century, is situated. Today you will find here the Toy Museum, opened in the 20th century.

Students were also impressed by the Gothic Cathedral (Frauenkirche), whose towers, almost 100 meters high, rise above Munich and are an example of late Gothic architecture.

Interesting fact! In the hallway of the church you will find the footprint the devil left – according to legend he had an argument with the architect of the cathedral. It is said that after this incident, the devil turned into the wind, which should have swept the cathedral off the face of the earth, but it did not come out – today you can feel just a gentle breeze that sweeps through the cathedral’s room, reminding everyone about this terrible event.

The famous Fischbrunnen Fountain at Marienplatz, which even works in the winter, cannot be missed – the water in the fountain is specially warmed up to please the eye for both locals and tourists.

The students also visited the Odeonsplatz, which houses a whole concentration of historical sights – here is the Arch of the Generals, and the Teatinerkirche church in the center of the square, built in the late 17th century, as well as the oldest cafe in Tambosi located. Students took many photos near the Bavarian State Opera, on the steps of which bright puffs are installed, on which anyone can sit and take a break from a rich entertainment program, enjoying the view of the architecture.

Below we offer a look at the detailed photo report “Unforgettable Munich” – you will also find some of the photos in our Instagram:

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