Saxon Switzerland: 20.10.2018

Visits to a National Park in Germany

On October 20, 2018, inspired by the warm autumn sun, the students of the one-year foundation courses of the International Union of Youth went on a new journey. This time, they went on an trip to Saxon Switzerland – a national nature park, which is located on the border of the Czech Republic and Germany, not far from Dresden.

Elbe Sandstone Mountains are located in this amazing area, forming an incredibly beautiful natural tourist attraction. The most famous construction of the German side of the park is the Bastei Bridge, which was built from wood in 1824, and already in 1951 its material was replaced with sandstone. This actually a magical place is gaining a new charm, when it is shaded by golden autumn leaves and azure glow of the Elbe. Early this area was included in the defensive ring of the Neuarten castle, thanks to its rocky mountains and forest terrain.

In addition to the unforgettable views in Bastai, the students also visited the famous Königstein fortress, which is an important part of every trip to the Saxon Switzerland. During the First World War, officers and soldiers were imprisoned in the fortress, but now it is an interesting monument of architecture and culture. Students of the International Union of Youth walked around the ancient building, tried national German dishes with sauerkraut, enjoyed the last warm days under the autumn sun, returned back to Prague full of positive energy and wonderful memories, where they would again find interesting classes at universities and at the MSM Language Academy.