Trip to Munich: 20.08.2019


Munich reveals the city story

On August 20, students of the summer educational programs of the International Union  of Youth went on an exciting trip from Prague to Munich. Despite the early get up, all the students were in a cheerful mood, since they had been looking forward to going to this trip.

On the 13th, they had already visited Vienna, but it is time to get to know Europe further – the trip on comfortable buses was short and fun, and now – they are already here, in the capital of Bavaria!

Despite the fine drizzling rain, in a good mood, students, curators, as well as the guide went to explore the surroundings. The walk included a visit to the central square of Marienplatz – it was interesting to know that once upon a time, in the ancient time of the Middle Ages, knightly fights were held here. Today there are the most popular restaurants in the city, expensive and budget shops, boutiques and even the grocery market.

The first thing that catches the eye of even the most sophisticated tourist at Marienplatz is the neo-Gothic building of the New Town Hall, where the City Council began to sit in the 19th century, and today the city hall is located here. Hundreds of employees work inside, but despite the fact that the building is actively used for work, there is also a entrance for tourists to walk through the historical halls. The exterior of the Town Hall is decorated with figures of famous German historical characters.

Interesting fact: More than thirty houses of the inhabitants of the city were demolished in order to place the huge building of the New Town Hall here.

The contrast with the New Town Hall is, as you might have guessed, the Old Town Hall, the building, designed more simply and even ascetically. In addition to the Gothic, it also embodies the features of the Renaissance. Inside is situated the Toy Museum, which you should not spare time to visit, if you have a bit more time at your disposal.

The guidebooks also actively advise you to visit the Bavarian State Opera, where you can listen to the world-famous Bavarian State Orchestra, where you can listen to the work of both German composers and other world-famous works.

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